365 Collage Journal Flip Through

In my 365 Collage Journal each page is a collage created to capture the mood and the events of the day. I’ll glue in images of what’s inspiring me or what’s in my heart. I’ll add photos and movie tickets, fortune cookie messages and receipts. Occasionally I’ll write a word or two but my intention is to create a visual record of these moments in time. I keep it easy and doable and am surprised at just how meaningful these journals become.

I have just completed my current journal and thought I would share this flip-through with you. Maybe it will inspire you to try this simple creative approach to expressing your heart and gathering your year.

If you’re interested in how to make your own, last year I shared more about the process: Create a 365 Collage Journal

Here’s the journal I use.


  1. Paula says:

    That was a joy Jamie! I recognized parts of your journey from watching BTS all year.

    I haven’t been faithful daily to mine but much more than previous years. You have encouraged me to dive in today.
    We share a few images. One that caught my eyes was the colored arrows. I have those throughout my 2015 dream board. They have always puzzled me as to the meaning. Pondering …
    Thanks Jamie. I’m sure I will revisit this video again.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks so much, Paula! How wonderful to share the journey in this way. It’s so cool we have some shared images! There are a few things you can do to decode the meaning of symbols like the arrows. A simple one is to Google “symbolism of arrows”. This will often get you a good general view of the meaning held in the symbol. The next is to sit with your journal and at the top of the page write, “Arrow, what is the message that you have for me.” And then let the arrow write the answer. That will connect to the personal meaning here for you. Let me know what you discover!

  2. Sam Tucker says:

    Jamie, I’ve never thought about keeping a 365 collage journal, but yours inspired me so much I think I’m adding that to my 2016 list! So beautiful and inspiring. Isn’t it incredible how one collage page can stir such emotions? And you just shared 365! Thanks for all you do here in the studio, Jamie. I feel your influence daily.

  3. Leone says:

    I loved seeing your journal. It has inspired me to start mine again. From the end of June to the last day of October, i created a collage first thing every morning. I got the idea from Shelley Klammer. she said it would take about ten minutes – mine took an hour or two (I am retired) I haven’t done any this month and I have really felt lost without it. I found I expressed my feelings more in this than in a written journal. I was trying to decide what to do to replace that and the day before yesterday I started collaging artist trading card size cards with the little scraps of paper I have collected and some tiny pictures that I have. I love doing this little piece of art every morning. Now you have inspired me to start my collage journaling again. I do mine in a 5×7. Yours looks like 9×12. Is it? Thank you so much for all your inspiration!!

    • Jamie says:

      We do a dance of intimacy with these creations, moving towards them, moving away, discovering what works for us, what doesn’t. I love the idea of starting the day with a tiny piece of art :)

      I’ve often collaged in a 5×7 format but, you’re right, this is 9 x 12. I found it was important to me to put in a full-size magazine image.

  4. scr4pl80 says:

    Wonderful Jamie! Several pages brought a tear to my eye as I saw and remembered your year. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself to help others! I have been thinking about what my projects could be for 2016. This goes on the list. Hugs! Janet

  5. Rene Cerrito says:

    Hi Jamie…This was such a visual treat… so very inspiring! It really is a work of art! Where do you find such amazing images…. I love them. What magazines? Thank you so much for sharing this! I want to see it again and again!

  6. lishofmann says:

    I love this Jamie! Thank you for sharing both your journals. In the past, I have taken a picture a day and have also kept a sketch journal (a sketch a day) and as you mention here, those practices have been invaluable in terms of deeply connecting with my life and remembering! I find it works both ways: during the year, my sense of time and being deeply engaged with my life, my world, is much fuller and heightened; afterwards when I look through my journals (I make a photobook for each year) the details and events are more vivid. Helpful as I age! I love the collage journal as a fresh and versatile option and am eager to begin.

    As always, your work inspires me. With much gratitude – xo

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