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Caturday: Escher Cuddles

Whether I am working on the computer, watching something on TV or trying to get to sleep, this often my view, Escher just sits there, expectantly, waiting for something. The question is… what?

On this day, I crunched up a paper ball and tossed it and he chased it. After a minute though, he was back with this look, so obviously I hadn’t quite gotten it right. I reach down to pet him and he walked away (as he is wont to do) so I went back to work. He resumed his spot. I reached down again and he walked away but this time I followed him. He walked into the bedroom and, after a moment’s hesitation, jumped up on the bed and looked at me. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted cuddles.

So I curled up with him and petted behind his ears. I rubbed his chin until he “stopped, dropped and rolled” by the pillow. He purred and we had this beautiful moment. This is a first from our reticent wee boy, our shy one, our edgy one.

And that’s not all! At Journal Jame, he actually sat in the room for a few minutes with us all! Usually when people come over I don’t see him for hours after they’re gone!

I think all the love, the safety and the well wishes are working their magic on this one. I am so glad we brought him home.

Caturday: Slow Progress is Still Progress

Ever since we brought the three little rascals home we had a lot of questions about the future. Would they ever let us pet them? If they did, would they ever like it? Would they ever let us pick them up? (Shibumi, yes. Scout, sometimes. Escher, not a chance – at least not yet.) Would they ever sit on the couch with us and watch TV? Or sit on our laps maybe – wouldn’t that be the best?!

This week Scout really kept me company. He sat by me when I was writing and working in my yearbook – though he did make that a bit hard by sitting on it! He sat on my lap while I was hard at work getting Planning Day ready to go. He even sat cozied up in the studio chair while the workshop was live, being our unofficial mascot for 2018.

And then this happened…

Shibumi on my Lap
That is Shibumi sitting on my legs while I’m trying to have a nap. So wonderful! There is something about the way she fully relaxes her body that instantly makes you feel at ease.

Escher Watching Me

And even Escher, our nervous and shy boy, comes looking for attention. Um, yes, it’s unnerving to try and sleep with a cat staring at you but, you know, that’s being a cat mom!

Just like having your picture taken all the time is a part of being a studio kitten!

We’ve come a long way over the years and still we notice and celebrate every bit of progress.  Progress can be slow but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Sometimes I need a reminder. I thought maybe today you might need it too.



Scout is looking particularly dashing this morning. I think he’s a bit like Aragorn. When we first saw him, he was a scruffy ruffian but he has turned into a prince. We may need to find him a kingly name too. Though for now, I often whisper to him in French and call him Monsieur. His purrs say he approves. Or, on occasion, as he rolls around having his tummy rubbed, I call him Mr. Wiggles. (PS If you look closely you can see the tip of his fang!)

Shibumi at Table

If there was ever a cartoon cat that came to life, it’s Shibumi! I think she’s this burly bruiser ready to tussle but who secretly has the superpower of melting hearts. You pick her up and something happens. You just feel better! Now, you just have to figure out how to get to the point where you can pick her up!

Escher Curled Up

Every week Escher gets sweeter. The big step this week is he jumped up on the couch and sat with me while I was watching TV. Yes, he was right at the other end of the couch but we were unquestionably on it together. Will he be a lap cat one day? Stay tuned!

Escher & Scout

Scout & Escher

Caturday: Progress for Escher

Escher made another big step this week. This handsome boy is shy and awkward and still gets frightened very quickly. If he’s lying all cozy on the bed, he’s okay if Justin or I walk into the room but if it’s both of us – he bolts. When the doorbell rings – he bolts. When company comes over – he bolts.

This week, my sister Shannon came by for some visiting. The kittens have known Auntie Shannon since they came to live with us but still, sometimes she won’t see them at all, especially Escher. ​Not this time!

One day, Shannon looked at Escher and Escher looked at Shannon and something amazing happened; he walked right over to her to say hi!

That was already swoon worthy but then he did something else, something that is his own odd little quirk, something that doesn’t sound very pleasant but is in fact a wonder: he gave her his bum. That’s what we’ve come to call it. When he turns around and offers up his butt, it’s an act of trust. It started when the kittens were wee. Whenever you reached out, Escher would quickly move away. He was always leaving. If you got lucky, you might be able to pet the very end of his back before he was gone and so that was the first place he got used to being petted. Knowing this, Shannon reached out and was able to give a little pet to her furry nephew to the delight of us all.

You never know when or how the magic is going to happen. But if you are patent and you pay attention, the opportunity for magic will arrive.

(Luckily it doesn’t always look like a cat’s behind!)

Caturday: The Kittens Find Their Voice

When we discovered the three abandoned kittens that would come to be ours, they were the quietest cats we had ever encountered. It seems that wild cats don’t meow. In fact, the meow seems to be a sound that is specifically for communication with humans. Having been alone most of the time, our three didn’t develop that tendency. The occasional mew would erupt at dinner time when they were kittens, particularly from Shibumi but generally, they were quiet.

Honestly, it was a blessing!

Now each of them seems to be developing a language of their own.


Escher has this sweet chirrup that bubbles up when he’s full of excitement, running up the stairs or getting the kitty crazies.


Scout has this languorous, dare I say, whine that is generally a desire for attention and a little meh-meh when he wants to play.

Shibumi has rather a harsh meow, being the bruiser that she is. More recently she’s adopted a kind of adorable breathy grumble when she brings her ball and says, “Playtime!”

Even though we thoroughly enjoyed our years of quiet (especially after our late Jinx’s insistent early morning meows), it is actually nice to see that they are trying to communicate. Our relationship is building every day. Meow!

Caturday: On the Couch

Though Scout sometimes keeps Justin and I company when we’re watching a movie, the kittens rarely get up on the couch.

So, of course, when I saw this configuration, I immediately grabbed my camera. (See how Escher has that, “Really? Another picture?” look?)

Suddenly a cat-enticing scent came through the window.

Judging by the bliss on Escher’s face it must have been the cat version of “fresh baked bread.”

He and Shibumi had to investigate.

Scout thought this was a good opportunity for a solo shot.

When nothing materialized at the window, Escher disappeared and Shibumi was disappointed.

Scout, however, seemed quite content to have the whole couch to himself.


The first time we found them on the couch.

Maybe we gave the wrong cat the name Scout! ;)