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Studio Kittens: Escher’s Cat Curl

Escher has been feeling so much more at ease this week. A few times I’ve seen him lying outstretched, tummy open, in front of the open window. And yesterday, as he was sitting on this sweater, I went to pet him and just for a moment he did the traditional cat curl, flopping over to his side, leaning his head back and exposing his belly just a touch.


Caturday: Troublemakers

You just can’t say no to a face like that.
The only trouble is, you don’t know what  you’re saying yes to!

Clearly Shibumi is hatching a plot and Escher will be her henchman.

I don’t know what they got up to.
She’s spent and he’s not telling.

I’m planning my week; she’s planning her next caper.

Clearly Scout wants nothing to do with any of it!

A Retro Moment…

This is from their first day with us after being rescued. We called them Big Brother, Little Sister and Grey and kept them sequestered in the kitchen for as long as we could. They were able to relax pretty quickly but they sure weren’t letting us get close to them! (Yep, I zoomed in for this shot)

Caturday: Cat Meditation

Good Morning Scout

Sometimes I find it hard to slow down. (Who am I kidding? I always find it hard to slow down.) But today Scout helped me begin Cat Meditation, simply a practices of allowing oneself to simply relax, breathe and enjoy cat time, close and cuddly.

As I held Scout over my shoulder, feeling his purr against my heart, I could almost hear that yoga instructor voice in my head, “For this moment, there is nowhere else you have to be, nothing else you have to do. Breathe.”

Thanks, Scout.

The first time I thought that maybe Escher liked me was when I found him sleeping on my clothes. This was back when we couldn’t get close to him at all and I took it as a great sign of hope. Now, when I get up in the morning, he’ll quickly find his way right into my spot, still warm and cozy.  It’s so adorable that I just can’t kick him out. (Did I mention I am actually allergic to cats? Achoo!!)

I haven’t read it yet, but apparently Shibumi likes it
We should all be worried!
Very. Worried.


Caturday: Major Progress for Escher

Escher Progress

We had a wonderful breakthrough with Escher this week. Justin and Escher have had a tentative relationship from the beginning (We think it’s because Escher had such a tough experience when he was left with an unpredictable man.) but over the past year it has improved dramatically. In fact, last week Justin was able to get Escher to offer up his belly – a first!!

This week, he was petting Escher gently, remarking that he didn’t think he would get the belly again when suddenly Escher just relaxed and opened up, not only offering up his belly but also “kneading the air”!!

Until that moment I hadn’t realized that we had never actually seen that familiar contented cat move from Escher. Not ever. I’m so thankful that Justin has had the gentleness and patience to build trust with our introverted boy.

This week Shibumi also had a moment when she was over the moon – the temperature got high enough to open the window. She was there in a shot! All outdoor creatures best beware because #shibumiwins!

She sure beat me when it came to making the bed! I was just getting that duvet cover one when – BAM! – she found her comfy spot. And no, I didn’t have the heart to kick her out of the clean and cozy sheets. Yep. On occasion I’m a #softie.

Scout and Me

Scout and I have been hanging out together a lot this week. In fact, he even sat on my lap for some of Journal Club! This is me trying to teach him how to take a selfie. Um… I don’t think he quite gets it. We’ll keep working on it though!

Caturday: Escher Cuddles

Whether I am working on the computer, watching something on TV or trying to get to sleep, this often my view, Escher just sits there, expectantly, waiting for something. The question is… what?

On this day, I crunched up a paper ball and tossed it and he chased it. After a minute though, he was back with this look, so obviously I hadn’t quite gotten it right. I reach down to pet him and he walked away (as he is wont to do) so I went back to work. He resumed his spot. I reached down again and he walked away but this time I followed him. He walked into the bedroom and, after a moment’s hesitation, jumped up on the bed and looked at me. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted cuddles.

So I curled up with him and petted behind his ears. I rubbed his chin until he “stopped, dropped and rolled” by the pillow. He purred and we had this beautiful moment. This is a first from our reticent wee boy, our shy one, our edgy one.

And that’s not all! At Journal Jame, he actually sat in the room for a few minutes with us all! Usually when people come over I don’t see him for hours after they’re gone!

I think all the love, the safety and the well wishes are working their magic on this one. I am so glad we brought him home.