Caturday: Major Progress for Escher

Escher Progress

We had a wonderful breakthrough with Escher this week. Justin and Escher have had a tentative relationship from the beginning (We think it’s because Escher had such a tough experience when he was left with an unpredictable man.) but over the past year it has improved dramatically. In fact, last week Justin was able to get Escher to offer up his belly – a first!!

This week, he was petting Escher gently, remarking that he didn’t think he would get the belly again when suddenly Escher just relaxed and opened up, not only offering up his belly but also “kneading the air”!!

Until that moment I hadn’t realized that we had never actually seen that familiar contented cat move from Escher. Not ever. I’m so thankful that Justin has had the gentleness and patience to build trust with our introverted boy.

This week Shibumi also had a moment when she was over the moon – the temperature got high enough to open the window. She was there in a shot! All outdoor creatures best beware because #shibumiwins!

She sure beat me when it came to making the bed! I was just getting that duvet cover one when – BAM! – she found her comfy spot. And no, I didn’t have the heart to kick her out of the clean and cozy sheets. Yep. On occasion I’m a #softie.

Scout and Me

Scout and I have been hanging out together a lot this week. In fact, he even sat on my lap for some of Journal Club! This is me trying to teach him how to take a selfie. Um… I don’t think he quite gets it. We’ll keep working on it though!

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