Caturday: Escher Cuddles

Whether I am working on the computer, watching something on TV or trying to get to sleep, this often my view, Escher just sits there, expectantly, waiting for something. The question is… what?

On this day, I crunched up a paper ball and tossed it and he chased it. After a minute though, he was back with this look, so obviously I hadn’t quite gotten it right. I reach down to pet him and he walked away (as he is wont to do) so I went back to work. He resumed his spot. I reached down again and he walked away but this time I followed him. He walked into the bedroom and, after a moment’s hesitation, jumped up on the bed and looked at me. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted cuddles.

So I curled up with him and petted behind his ears. I rubbed his chin until he “stopped, dropped and rolled” by the pillow. He purred and we had this beautiful moment. This is a first from our reticent wee boy, our shy one, our edgy one.

And that’s not all! At Journal Jame, he actually sat in the room for a few minutes with us all! Usually when people come over I don’t see him for hours after they’re gone!

I think all the love, the safety and the well wishes are working their magic on this one. I am so glad we brought him home.


  1. Judy McNutt says:

    This story warmed my heart. Our pets have become integral to our humanness. So many pets, horses and livestock have suffered so in the Southern California fires. One woman suffered third degree burns trying to save her horses from the flames. She is in hospital. My heart goes out to them all and to their humans. For this reason it was so good to read your story of love today. Thank you!

    • Jamie says:

      Oh, goodness, yes, let’s send love to all those suffering loss and heartache, all those in need of healing. I’m glad to share a little story of progress and love.

  2. Holy crap, that is all HUGE! What progress. I think the little boy has forgotten his sad beginnings and is mostly remembering being in a safe home and loved. So inspiring. I am happy for both of you!

    • Jamie says:

      I know, right? It really is!! It’s amazing to see them move into a feeling of trust. One of the biggest steps forward to me was when I noticed they had stopped always scrounging for food. That let me know that they had come to trust there would be another meal and that made my heart so happy. Thanks for celebrating with me, Suzie!

  3. Pia says:

    Awesome – I have wanted this for him from afar for so long! I have a skittish one too who is very particular about where to cuddle, and when.

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