Art Day: Mixed Media, Collage & Finding Flowers

Animals and Art Supplies

Having a weekly “Art Day” practice is bringing so much joy to my life. Even setting up is fun for photos!

Collage Board

As I mentioned on StART: Creating As We Go, I had so much fun with a recent mixed media exercise that I wanted to try it on board. I braved the cold to get a 12 x 12 wood board to play with. One thing I learned quickly is it likes lots of glue! Next time I think I would gesso it first, even if I’m just collaging on top.

Mixed Media Journal and Board

Once the board was collaged and ready to dry, I went back to the painting that inspired me, getting ready to build more definition into the flowers that I discovered on the page.

Elephant on Stage

Sitting there it didn’t take long to realize the board was a fun backdrop for more glitter animal photography!

Lion in Waiting

Even this Lion-in-Waiting wanted his moment on the stage.

JRS Found Flowers

I tried a few different techniques with this next stage of the painting. I feel like I should have four or five on the go so that I can be experimental with each of them. It’s fascinating (and a bit frustrating) to be in relationship with the work, discovering what it wants to be.

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