Welcome! I‘m so glad you’re here!

Welcome to the Studio

To celebrate your arrival, I have these creative treasures for you!

Discover Your Creative Self Visualization

Sometimes we forget that we even have a creative self! This meditation will help you remember. Download the Journal Questions too. They’ll help you gather the insights you discover on this journey. Enjoy this date with this precious part of who you truly are!

MP3 File

Download Your Creative Self Visualization Journal Questions

Introduction to Dreamboards

Introduction to Dreamboards Workshop

A favourite activity here at the studio is making Full Moon Dreamboards. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make a dreamboard with intention and intuition – the Jamie Ridler Studios way!

Complete Studio Resource List

A lot of people write to me asking what I use for the work that I do in the studio so I’ve decided to create a resource page and share, as best I can, everything that makes the studio go!

Visit the Resource Page.

Studio Forum: Journaling

When I decided to host a forum on journaling, I had no idea it would fill up almost overnight! We had an amazing discussion and explored questions such as:

  • How do you journal?
  • When do you journal?
  • Why do you journal?
  • What do you use when you journal?
  • What helps you stick with a practice of journaling?
  • What doesn’t?
  • What difference has journaling made in your life?

Now you can steep in the collective wisdom of a group of creative, thought-full, like-minded, generous studio members and discover your own answers about journaling.

Attend the Studio Forum on Demand Here. Your password is: journalwisdom

Dreams Really Do Come True Ebook

One of the things that I really want you to know is that dreams really do come true, so I gathered some proof, some shining, inspiring examples of possibilities come to life! This book is full of real life stories of dreams come true. May they inspire you to follow your dreams too!

Download Your E-Book Here.

Creative Living Love Letter

Not only are there lots of ways you can enjoy exploring the studio, the studio also comes to you! Every Sunday you’ll get a creative living love letter that pulls together all the inspirations of the week – plus the first news and the best deals on everything here at Jamie Ridler Studios.

Ready to explore some more?

Jamie Ridler Studios Blog

The Blog

The blog is where everything comes together here at the studio. Whether you love to read, listen, watch or look to get your creative living content – it’s all here! You’ll find topics from finding inspiration to creative organization, from exploring your garden to exploring your heart! Creative living happens here.

Check out the blog here.

You can subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed here.

The Podcast: Creative Living with Jamie

If you love to listen, especially when you’re on the go, be sure to check out the podcast. Listeners all over the world find inspiration for their creative lives as they walk their dogs, fold their laundry or work in the studio. Wherever you are, whenever you can, listening to this podcast will fill your creative heart!

Find out more about the podcast here.

Creative Living TV

If you love to watch, be sure to check out Creative Living TV! Every weekday I share what’s going on behind in the studio – a little splash of inspiration to start the day! I also share how-tos, inspirations and resources – including a regular feature about what’s on my creative living bookshelf!

Find out more about Creative Living TV here.

The Reading Nook

In the mood to read? I’ll put the kettle on. You pull up a cozy chair and curl up in the reading nook. I’ll bring your tea when it’s ready.

Discover the Reading Nook here.

Work with Me

And if you’re ready to get some coaching support for bringing your creativity – and your self – to life, I’m here for you. You can work with me one-on-one or at several points throughout the year you can join in my small group coaching program.

Find out more about coaching here.