Welcome to Jamie Ridler Studios. Here you’ll find all sorts of treasures – all filled with magic mojo for bringing your creativity to life!

Guidebook: To get started, I suggest diving into the studio guidebook.

Download Guidebook

The Jamie Ridler Studios Guidebook is full of creative living articles, inspiring introductions to available workshops and activities – and even some free gifts and special offers! It’s a fun and easy way to sample what you can experience here at Jamie Ridler Studios.

Visualization: Now that you’ve discovered the studio, why not spend some time discovering your creative self?

MP3 FileDownload Your Creative Self Visualization Journal Questions Here.

The Discover Your Creative Self Guided Visualization. Sometimes we forget that we even have a creative self! This meditation will help you remember. Download the Journal Questions too. They’ll help you gather the insights you discover on this journey. Enjoy this date with this precious part of who you truly are!

Workshop:: A favourite activity here at the studio is making Full Moon Dreamboards. In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn how to make a dreamboard with intention and intuition – the Jamie Ridler Studios way!

How to Make a Dreamboard: The workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started in this powerful creative practice. When you’re ready to give it a try, come and join us in sharing our dreamboards under each full moon here at the studio. You can find out more here and download a schedule of all of this year’s full moons here.

Ebook: And now that you’re dreaming, I want you to know that dreams really do come true…

Download Dreams Really Do Come True e-book

Dreams Really Do Come True e-book: One of the things that I really want you to know is that dreams really do come true, so I gathered some proof, some shining, inspiring examples of possibilities come to life! This book is full of real life stories of dreams come true. May they inspire you to follow your dreams too!

Newsletter: Not only are there lots of ways you can enjoy exploring the studio, the studio also comes to you!

Creative Living News: I love writing letters to members of the Studio. There’s always so much going on that this is the very best way to make sure that you stay up-to-date! You’ll always get the first news and the best deals – not to mention a regular inspiration infusion to keep you and your creative life thriving!

Welcome to the Studio. I’m so glad you’re here!