I am glad you are here!

As you walk in for the first time or the thousandth time, may you feel welcome. May this be a place for you to discover, empower & express your creative truth. May this be a place of inspiration, ideas and possibility. Here, may you find your courage, your confidence and your creativity. Here, may you discover that you are a creature of magic capable of great wonders. Here, may you know that your life is your studio and you are an artist.

The Magic of a Studio

Imagine wood floors, white walls and big windows. A simple and empty space. All is quiet. Nothing is happening. Until you arrive.

When you step in, the studio comes alive. Suddenly it is full of your ideas, your explorations, your risks and memories, your work and play, your success and failure, your laughter and tears – the whole gamut of your creative life. As it fills with your dances and photographs, your paintings and poetry, it takes on a personality. It becomes a place that could only belong to you, an expression of your unique spirit expressed in this world.

That’s what the studio is all about.

I created this studio so that you and others like you could have a safe and courageous place to bring your creativity to life.

Whether you are returning to your creativity after a long hiatus or revel in it every day, whether you create for personal joy or to make a living (or both), whether you paint or draw or cook or sew or dance or act or sing or colour or quilt or knit or make movies… this studio is for you.

Whether you are excited, jaded, vulnerable, inspired, scared, confident, curious, hopeful  or all of these and more … this studio is for you.

If you’ve been shut down by hurtful creative experiences in the past – harsh teachers, rejections, failures, self-doubt, judgment – all of these things that can hurt us on our creative path, this studio is for you.

If you have a creative heart dreaming creative dreams, this studio is for you.

Let The Magic Begin.

Header: Our Seasonal Section

Every season this studio space will be renewed with fresh inspirations and invitations.
Each season will be a unique adventure.
Let us step into the season together. 

Welcome to Fall  in the Studio!

Somehow Labour Day weekend feels like a new beginning. In fact, in many ways, it has become the “other” New Year! It’s a great time for a clean up, a clear out and a good fresh start. It feels right and good to return to our practices – or to make a start at them – after the wild tug of abandon that inevitably stirs in summer.

I always try to take a bit of a pause in August to wind down and renew my spirit before the energy and excitement of fall. This year I managed a few days to myself. I got some sleep, took time for art (and enjoyed it, despite The Drop), got down to the Beaches and had a wonderful time celebrating Justin’s birthday.*

Feeling replenished, I was able to dive in heartily into the fall season for you. In the Academy, you’l find some familiar favourites, like Journal Club and Planning Day, as well as a brand new offering – Mindful Mondays. (Remember, as a studio member, you get a 10% discount on all classes. Your coupon code is always ‘mylifeismystudio’.)

And here in the Studio, you’ll find our new season’s Studio Forum. I know we’ll have a wonderful time diving into the world of books together. Make sure to register below. This is only for studio members like you and there is a limit of 100 seats.

While we’re here together, I also want to drop a very early and very tiny seed about next fall. My plan is to host a fun creative adventure here in Toronto. We’ll explore the city and ourselves, having fun as a community while growing our creative confidence. We’re just starting to work on the details but we are tentatively looking at a few days sometime in the first two weeks of September 2019. I thought I would mention it just in case you wanted to start dreaming and planning!

Ah… dreams and plans – two of my favourite things! Let’s fill this fall with both!

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Open to the New Season with a Dance

“Break free like a shooting star!”

In fall we have a tendency to hunker down and get to work. Let’s do and let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Let’s remember to take breaks, have fun and let the relief of the cooler weather inspire us to dance. “Nothing can stop us now!”

Be kind to your body and dance in a way that honours where you are in this moment. Whether that means dancing right out to the tips of your fingers or only with the tips of your fingers, if it is right for you, it is perfect.

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Join me for this Season’s Studio Forum.

Studio forums are opportunities for the studio community to come together around a helpful creative topic. There are 100 spots to attend live and everyone will have access to the recording here in the studio.


Header: Spring/Summer Forum

This Season Our Free Studio Forum is about:

We creatives love our books! Let’s get together and share some of the books that have inspired our creative hearts and maybe even changed our creative lives for the better!


Password: onmybookshelf

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I hope you will explore every nook and cranny of the studio.
May it be an oasis for your creative heart.

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