Your Life Is Your Studio

Your Life is Your Studio
Creative living belongs to everyone. You don’t have to be Mozart to invite music into your life. You don’t have to paint to add colour to your day. You don’t have to be a writer to find your own voice. But of course, you can be.

What is the last creative thing you did?

If your immediate answer was ‘nothing’ or ‘I can’t remember,’ open up the scope of your thinking or focus even more specifically on your day-to-day. If you’re an artist, think outside of the box. Look beyond what you drew or photographed or wrote. Did you whip up a meal out of what you had in the cupboard? That’s creative. Did you write a blog post? That’s creative. Did you choose to wear a particular necklace with a particular shirt? That’s creative too.

Every day you make choices that express your own unique take, your own special reaction to the world and all that goes on within it. Your life is your studio, and you are creating each and every day. You have the opportunity to create joy, passion, beauty, thought, love, whatever it is you think life needs more of, by approaching your life creatively.

I invite you to recognize and grow the creativity in your life in a very simple way. If you’re here, you likely have a journal. If not, maybe today is the day to go out and find that special book that’s going to capture your thoughts, your wonderings and your creativity. Once you have a journal, each day acknowledge something creative that you did. It can be anything. (Despite the rumours, there are no creativity police. You get to decide what your creative act of the day was) Creativity loves to be appreciated and this simple process will let it know that you recognize its presence in your life and that it is welcome.

Jamie’s creative act of the day: I cut 3 tulips from my garden and put them in a little vase by my front door. I love the gentle white against the deep blue wall of our hallway.

Now it’s your turn.

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  1. John A says:

    Ok – I created a piece of self-inspiration that I called “Letting Go”. It’s a gentle reminder to myself that what I think is important (all the little ‘Tchotchkes’ collected throughout our life together) might not really be the important stuff at all. So I posted it on my blog as an easy place to find it, and I also printed it out on special paper to be laminated and hung on my refrigerator on those days when I need a little extra push. Interestingly, I only wrote two sentences myself. The rest I pieced together so a kind of word collage of sorts. It has meaning to me and so that is what is most important. Also, I have to give you kudos, Jamie. Your enthusiastic energy, which you share so willingly every day with all of us, is a true source of creative inspiration and that is a wonderful gift to be sharing.

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