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Julie Gibbons - Circe's Circle
art by Julie Gibbons

Circe’s Circle has been a safe and powerful creative studio for dozens of women. Workshops, e-courses, businesses, blogs, paintings, websites, membership sites, shops, book proposals, self-discovery, self-confidence and new-found friendships have all come to life in this circ!

Bring your project to this programand discover the deep magic of the circle.

What’s a project?

Anything that lives inside your heart that is aching to come out into the world.

  •  Want to create a book of poetry? That’s a project.
  •  Want to create a portfolio? That’s a project.
  •  Want to discover your creative self? That’s a project.
  •  Want to create a blog into supports your business dreams? That’s a project.
  •  Want to run your first workshop? That’s a project.
  •  Want to spend an entire season dedicated to your creativity? Yep, that’s a project too.

Anything you want to develop and growcan be framed as a seasonal projectand brought to the circle.

What we create creates us.

Something magical happens when we bring a project to life – it brings us to life too.

We encounter our ideas and express our abilities. We have a focus for our energy, our passion, our dreams. We stretch and we grow. Sure, sometimes we stumble but we get back up. Sometimes we lead the project and sometimes the project leads us. Through it all we get to know ourselves better, what we think, how we imagine, what we’re capable of.

In Circe’s Circle, you’ll have companions on the journey. You’ll have a tribe to celebrate with and to ask for help. You’ll have an experienced professional guide. And you’ll learn strategies that will last you a lifetime.

Here’s What You Can Expect…

Each & every call, you will…

  • Gain tools and strategies that will guide you in creating the next project and the next and the next, skills that will last you a lifetime.
  • Activate your connection with your self, your project and a group of creative, loving, supportive women.
  • Have dedicated time for your dreams. Your project gets personal attention every single time.
  • Receive personal creative coaching from me.In Circe’s Circle you have my personal attention every single week. (If you’ve been in other group programs out there, you know how rare this is!)
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. Everyone has the opportunity to receive insights, ideas, inspirations and suggestions from the circle.
  • Exponential learning. Learn not only through your own experience but also that of other creatives. Everyone benefits from sharing strategies and learnings, what’s worked and what, well, can be left behind.
  • Share the journey. You will know, really know, that you are not alone.

In addition to this, we will cover content ranging from…

  • Discovering personal touchstones to guide your path & support your decision-making
  • Learning to draw on your body wisdom
  • Understanding the core necessity of self-nourishment to project development
  • Naming and claiming your own unique magnificence
  • So much more! See the entire outline here.

The Details

  • Dates: Jan 26, Feb 3, 8, 16, 23, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • Day: Mondays (with the exception of Feb 3)
  • Time: 2:00-4:00 pm EST
  • Place: Connect from wherever you are to the teleconference. We use an American bridgeline, so if you have a US plan, you’re covered.
  • Size: This group is limited to 7 participants.
  • Investment: $700. (installment plan available)

Fill In Your Enrollment Package Today.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me. You might also try filling out the enrollment form. That alone is a journal practice that will help you discover whether this program is for you.

Carolyn Eicher Circe's Circle Alumna

”When I heard that there was a space open in the winter session of Circe’s Circle, I felt a bit timid, but I knew it was the next step for me. I wanted to be part of a group of women who were working towards their artistic goals, and wanted a feeling of community.

I never could have known how much I’d get out of this ten weeks with Jamie’s coaching and inspiration. Her voice and laughter alone are contagious. She is thoughtful and her visualizations powerful, and her questions to each of us, very thought-provoking and deep.

I am so grateful to Jamie for creating this beautiful circle and sharing her magic with us.

Carolyn Eicher

See what more women have to say about the circle.

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