There are all kinds of creatives. Which are you?

After almost 20 years of coaching creatives, I can tell you that there is no singular artistic ‘type’. We are not all flakey or flamboyant. We’re not all boho or beautiful or snobby or dramatic.

Artists can…

be left-brained or right-brained
be introverts or extroverts
be messy or meticulous
be dreamy or pragmatic
be shy or outgoing
be slapdash or perfectionists
be any age
be intense or laidback
be moody or even-tempered
be decadent or moderate
be pretentious or down-to-earth
be broke or wealthy
be sensitive or thick-skinned
be eccentric or conventional
be show-offs or recluses
be minimalist or maximalists
love nature or the city
love beauty or the ugly
love harmony or disruption
love to shock or to soothe
wear bright colours or black
thrive on stage or behind the scenes
make a living with art or never sell a thing.

Artists are any and all of these things and everything in between.

What matters is that you embrace the way the creative spirit shows up in you. If you are an outgoing urban 72-year-old who couldn’t give a damn what other’s think – bring that to your art. If you’re a sensitive nature lover with a pragmatic bent, bring that to your art. If your left-brain loves order, pattern and predictability – bring that to your art.

One of the greatest gifts of art is that whoever we are, whatever we love, art can hold it all.

Don’t listen to any limitations the world offers about being an artist. Be who you are. Love what you love. Create what’s in your heart.

Everything I do here in the studio is to support you in doing just that. In Devotion, you’ll embrace your artistic identity and immerse yourself in your artwork. With the Studio Yearbook, you’ll develop creative practices that will help you discover and awaken the creative you truly are. And in our year-end Planning Day, you’ll dance between structure and flexibility to design a 2022 that fits just right for you and your priorities.

I’ve spent a lifetime finding and embracing my own creative ways and have built a career helping others do the same. There is nothing more beautiful to me in this world than each of us showing up and sharing exactly who we are.

I celebrate the artist in you!

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