Sunday with the Kittens: Sensitivity & Milestones


It’s been just over three months since we brought three abandoned kittens home. I try to take stock all the time, to notice the changes, the shifts, the improvements, to be aware of how far we’ve come.

Escher on the Bed

Escher remains wary and reserved the majority of the time. I’ve been thinking this week that perhaps he’s an HSC aka a “Highly Sensitive Cat.” He seems hyper vigilant all the time and we have our best success at getting close when he’s dozing. At those times, when all is quiet and all is well, we can pet him and even hear some loud purrs.

Kitten s Intertwined

Luckily he has the support of his siblings.


Scout continues to grow into a loving, elegant gentleman. One of the best moments of the week was when he and Shibumi jumped onto the couch and hung out with while Justin and I watched TV. Scout curled up right beside me, leaning into my leg and resting his head on my thigh, purring deeply for at least an hour. This was a major milestone! Until now, the kittens have not shown the slightest interest in shared couch-time. Of course, this tender moment began as they chased my yarn as I tried to crochet! We look forward to many cozy nights to come.

JRS Shibumi

Though Shibumi doesn’t look like cozy is her mood of choice, LOL. Wherever there is action, there is Shibumi. Crinkle a paper ball and she comes skidding into the room. My sister Shannon says Shibumi has two speeds: fast and off.

Sharing the Chair with Kittens

I was also delighted this week when Scout and Shibumi figured out they could sit on my chair with me.  It’s hard to see but both of them are tucked in behind me there. They stayed put all morning – and yes, I stayed perched at the end of my seat the entire time. When I finally went for coffee I returned to…

Shibumi Loves Chair

Luckily, Shibumi sleeps so soundly I could just move her over and take a seat.

I'll Never Get My Chair Back

Still, I have a feeling I might be losing my chair!

Escher on Grey Chair

Luckily, there’s another good spot in the studio but it looks like it’s taken!


  1. Pamela says:

    They like to be close to each other and close to you. Such a delight to see!
    The last photo with the gnome reminds me of that children’s book The Tomten. Sweet!

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