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Pearl Diving: Intuitive Journaling for Your Creative Business

Pearl Diving Workshop

Discover Pearls of Wisdom for Your Creative Business

As a heart-centred creative entrepreneur, you want to build your business with authenticity, creativity and spirit. You also want clarity and success! How do you tap into your vision? How do you know what to do next? How do you know what you and your business most need?

That’s where Pearl-Diving comes in. Pearl-Diving is an Intuitive Journaling practice designed to get you in touch with the heart and soul of your work.

Love for Pearl Diving from Daria Jabenko

In this workshop, you will use collage and journalling to creatively:

  • Ground your wholehearted business in the truth of who you are by articulating your uniqueness.
  • Connect to the core of why you do (or want to do) this work.
  • Discover the essence of your target market – who are they and what are they yearning for?
  • Get clear on the value of your work – and what you bring to it.
  • Define personality characteristics of your brand.
  • Identify the core challenges that face you and your heart-centered business.
  • Open to your intuition and creativity for guidance.
  • Point your compass in the direction you and your work need to go.
  • Outline next steps and get ready to take them!

Love for Pearl Diving from Danette Relic

The Process of Pearl-Diving Includes:

  • Creating collage journal pages that will form a canvas for exploring and expressing what you discover on your dive.
  • Diving into your inner knowing through a process of intuitive journaling that will uncover pearls of guidance and wisdom.
  • Uncovering pearls of wisdom about who you are as a creative who is bringing (or longing to bring) her work into the world.
  • Discovering pearls of wisdom about the nature of your work and what it needs in order to develop powerfully and organically.
  • Exploring the alchemy of your collaged pages and journaled answers by bringing them together to gain new insight and deepened wisdom.

You will leave with:

  • Insight and clarity on what you and your business need in order to grow powerfully and purposefully.
  • Meaning-full, tangible reminders of all that you discovered, powerful touchstones that cut through the confusion, connect you to your vision and guide you on the way.
  • An adaptable and repeatable creative process you can use again and again to reconnect to the heart of your business and discover your next steps.
  • A heart-connection to the soul of your work and insight into exactly what your business wants to be.
  • Concrete next steps (I am a coach, after all!)

Is Pearl-Diving Right for You?

  • Are you creating and sharing (or dreaming of creating and sharing) your work with the world?
  • Are you committed to building this work by rooting it deeply in the truth of who you are and what you believe?
  • Are you willing to open up to your intuition and creativity – even if you never have before?
  • Are you ready to bring your business – and your self to life!

Pearl-Diving is designed for heart-centered entrepreneurial spirits who are aching to make authentic and powerful progress in their business or their work. The creative practice of Pearl-Diving can be applied to any work that you want to share with the world, whether that’s a business, a specific project (a book, a class, a blog) or a vocation. You can be at the beginning stages of establishing your venture or you can be ready to take it to the next level with deeper understanding and intuitive guidance.

No art experience required. This is a creative process that anyone can do. You don’t have to have any special artistic skills in your toolkit.

Pearl Diving at Jamie Ridler Studios

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2014 (Plus Access to the Recording)
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
Location: Online – You can participate from wherever you are!
Registration: $72 ($60 for Studio Members – join for free!)
Questions? Email me

A Note About Supplies: You will get a complete supply list when you register but here are the basics so you know what’s involved: a journal, magazines, glue stick, scissors, pens that can write and not smudge on glossy paper (e.g. sharpies, gel pens), additional writing paper.

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Love for Pearl Diving from Amy Sedgwick