Sunday with the Kittens: Cuddles, Climbing & A Trip to Emergency

JRS Escher on the Mend

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update about our rescued kittens, though if we’re connected on Facebook or you follow their Tumblr you’re sure to have been watching them grow. Though they’re just 6-months old, they look more like cats then kittens these days and though it’s only been 2 1/2 months, they have become a part of our family.

This week we had a scare with our little grey. The kittens were running about, as they do, when suddenly we heard an insistent cough from Escher. Gradually the sound worsened to a gurgling and an occasional almost growl as he put everything he had into trying to clear something. We took him to the vet straight away. They treated him for inflammation and a potential allergic reaction and kept him under their watchful eye. At the end of the day, he wasn’t significantly better and there were concerns about his X-rays so we took him to emergency, where he stayed overnight. The good news is the crisis has passed and he’s home with us and doing well. We’re still not sure whether it was a one-off irritation or allergic reaction or whether, perhaps, this poor little guy has asthma. We’ve also discovered he has a bit of a larger heart, which we hope is just normal for him.

I thought for sure he would run and hide under the bed for days when he got home but he settled right back in (after a bit of “you smell weird” hissing from his siblings). In fact, he, our most reticent kitten, has been more open to affection than before! Both Justin and I have been able to pet him quite a bit, sometimes getting purrs as a reward! I guess in the scheme of the big, wide world, we’re not so bad after all ;)

Shibumi Climbs

Oh, Shibumi. Everything about her makes me smile, even this.* She is dauntless! She’s 5-lbs of utter vivaciousness! As lively as she is, when she sleeps, she sleeps! Sometimes I have to go up close and make sure that little chest is moving. Nothing rouses the sleeping Shibumi!  This little one is full of love and purrs and is the one cat that we can pick up and cuddle – though not for long! She has too many adventures to go on!

This week, along with climbing the window, she discovered something very exciting. She figured out she can jump up on my chair, right behind me, as I work. She jumped up, walked around, got some pets and jumped down only to repeat the exact same sequence right away as though she were testing to see if it would go the same way again. It did so I’m expecting more visits to come!

* Yes, I did stop and take a picture or two before getting her down from there! I got that from my photographer mom, lol.

Happy Scout

And our Scout. What a sweet and tender soul! He’s like a sensitive gentleman, a bit skittish around chaos and noise but when he’s in his element, he is open, loving and elegant. He’s growing into the largest of the cats and is getting more and more handsome every day. Truly, I am smitten with this kitten – and I think the feeling is mutual!

Me & Scout

All in all, the progress over our time together has been amazing. Just two months ago it was a big deal if they didn’t run when we came near! I remember the thrill of touching the tip of a paw or a tail for the first time, beaming the first time they ate out of a bowl on my lap and getting tears in my eyes the first time one of them purred. (It was Scout.)

We still have a ways to go (I’m working on petting Escher regularly and getting to pick up Scout) but my worry that they would never form attachments have all but disappeared.

The Studio Triplets


  1. Pamela says:

    Hi Jamie,
    It’s good to hear about their progress and see how they are growing. You are giving them wonderful care and attention.
    Escher’s look in that first photo – a total sweetheart.
    I love that Shibumi sat with you as you worked.
    Scout does look like a gentleman – you have the best ways to describe them!
    The quilt they are laying on has the prettiest colors.

    • Jamie says:

      It’s such a treat to share the kittens. I appreciate all of your kind words. I feel so good about how far we’ve all come. And thank you about the quilt. My Auntie Laima made it for Justin and I for our wedding and we just love it.

  2. Pam says:

    You guys are doing great! Thanks for the updates, and I hope the health scare was just one of those things. My 4 kittens are just 4 mos, and looming on that, “big as a cat at 6 mos old, but still kittens”. The little pile on my lap has changed to a substantial glob :D

  3. Trece Wyman says:

    About Escher’s enlarged heart: cardiomyopathy is the number 1 killer of young male cats, according to one of my vets. It most often kills around age 2. He said they can live longer, healthy lives IF they are treated for it, which pretty much means a kitty cardiologist.

    I know this because I lost our beloved Sampson to it at about 2-2.5 years. Our Fidget suddenly dropped dead of a cardiac event at age 9 – we never knew he had a problem.

    So far our current male, Salem (pitch black and gorgeous) is fine at approximately 10. He’ll be headed to the vet for a thorough checkup soon.

    I sure hope Escher’s doing well, and that he’ll have no further trouble!

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