Creating the Season Ahead

Last week we took some time to gather our learnings, our memories and our accomplishments of the season that we are saying goodbye to. As the equinox approaches, let’s cast forward into the season ahead. Grab your journal and a nice cup of tea and imagine next season into being!

Imagining the Season Ahead

What season are you entering (eg. Fall of 2015)?
What are you dreaming of this season?
What are you longing for?
What are you appreciating?
What priorities & pursuits will you focus on this season (e.g. home, work, health, creativity)?
What do you want to create/accomplish this season?
What do you want to do/experience this season?
How do you want to feel this season?
Who do you want to be this season?
What is already on your plate this season? Are there adjustments to be made?
What energy do you want to bring to this season (e.g. playful, serene, focused)?
Who do you want to spend time with this season?
How do you want to grow this season?
What mantra, affirmation or words of wisdom will be your guide for this season?
What guide/energy/role model would you like to lead you through this season?
What blessings would you like from the Universe this season?
How will you fill your well this season?
How will you immerse yourself in this season’s pleasures?
At the end of this season, what will have you saying, “Wow, this season ROCKED!”
Truth be told… more than anything else, what do you want this season?

I also made a PDF of these Journal Prompts for you.

Download the Imagine the Season Ahead PDF here.


  1. Kelly Deering says:

    I just went through and answered every question. I have never done anything like that and I look forward to seeing what I can actually accomplish now that it is black and white!

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