Sunday with the Kittens: Break Out – Breakthrough?

Shibumi - Caught

So much changed this week – and this look tells it all! The kittens figured out how to get past our makeshift barrier into the rest of the house.

Escher & My Water

Kitten chaos ensued!


Little by little, they’ve been discovering the larger space…

Scout on Side Table

Getting a fresh look at the outside world…

Kittens on Stairs
Action Shot!

Discovering that epic adventures are to be had on the stairs.


Queen Shibumi the Instigator is dauntless. She and Scout shocked us all this week by getting up into the basement ceiling. Thankfully with the lure of food and toys, we were able to get two dust-covered kittens out safe and sound.


Not to be left out, Escher found his way into the same spot later in the week despite our first attempt at kitten-proofing. Of course, no matter what mess they create or barrier they break, they feign innocence incredibly well.


With all of the new space, grand adventures and many a big “No!”, there’s been more distance between us and the kittens this week. Exploring the brand new world was certainly more interesting than we humans.

Shibumi by the Door

We’ve had to keep a close eye on these little ones and anticipate, as best we can, what they’re dreaming up next.

Shibumi & Escher boundary
Shibumi & Escher

Still, there have been lovely, cute and quiet moments. We’ve had a few pets and purrs along the way.

Triplets on Couch
The Triplets at Home

And though I’m learning that progress is anything but linear, everyone’s starting to feel at home.

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