Nourish Your Self; Nourish Your Dreams

Nourish Your Self with Beauty

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” Prospero. The Tempest. William Shakespeare.

Nourish Your Self; Nourish Your Dreams

I know you have dreams. I know that inside your heart are the seeds of many dreams, seeds that need to be nourished with time, attention and love. But I want to tell you a secret. What your dreams need more than anything else is a nourished, cared-for you.

Prospero is right, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” Though your dreams may eventually take on a life of their own, in the beginning they are fully dependent on you, so tending to yourself is, in fact, tending to your dreams.

When we take care of our bodies, we have energy to give.

When we feed our minds, we have tinder for our creative fire.

When we experience life, we have something to be inspired by.

When we take time to breathe, we give our dreams room to unfurl.

When we are nourished, we have lots to share.

And, creative heart,  I know you want to share.

What Nourishment Do You Need?

How can you create an environment where you, your creativity and your dreams flourish? What do your mind, body, heart and spirit need? Some of us thrive on a rhythm of rise and fall, while others enjoy a steady pace. Some of us embrace mornings, while others come alive at night. What brings your energy to life? What nourishes your imagination, your spirit, your body? What lights you up? What grounds you?

Here are some journaling prompts to help you hone in on your unique way of nourishing yourself so you can create a fertile environment for you and your dreams. Be specific and see if you can come up with at least 10 different ways to complete each sentence.

Take It To Your Journal: Ways to Nourish Your Self

  1. Some ways to nourish my emotional self are…
  2. Some ways to nourish my physical self are…
  3. Some ways to nourish my spiritual self are…
  4. Some ways to nourish my mental self are…
  5. Some ways to nourish my creative self are…

The seeds of our dreams need nourished soil in which to grow. Let’s start with nourishing our selves. Let’s start right now.


  1. shemann says:

    Love this post Jamie,
    It will take time to write out the ways to nourish myself, how about a mood board for each?

    take care,

    Sue Hemann

  2. ehwilson2013 says:

    Hi, Jamie. Always look forward to your newsletters! I’ve heard it said that there are two kinds of “tired”: good tired and bad tired. How you get tired depends on what activities you choose to do! Last week, I spent a whole week at a calligraphy conference. Full days of classes with pens, inks etc. Also, jammed packed with sharing with friends, talking shop and catching up since last year. Each day I was exhausted by bedtime and arrived back home really tired. But it was “good tired” that was acquired during an amazing week! I needed a couple days to be low key so I could rest. One activity during this rest time was to cleanup my collagraphy desk and area. I sorted through stuff, put my new treasures in place, put away stuff I had taken to the conference. This renewing my area actually ended by filling my well and getting me ready to move forward! Today, I went into the desk and sat down to finish a birthday card for my daughter. I felt so energized sitting down to the organized, clean space! Refreshing our creative workspace can be a very renewing experience!

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