Studio Kittens: Escher’s Progress

This moment of table transgression is not the special moment that I had with Escher today but I loved the light and his attentive posture as he looked out into the great beyond. In the next moment, he saw me and climbed down sheepishly. (That’s a win too – he now has an awareness of what’s okay and not okay)

Earlier in the day, he was up in the studio, staring out the window, watching the birds. Months and months ago I had been able to sit near him on the chair, petting him and being close. It was lovely.

One day, I took the step of trying to pick him up and it was too much. He ran away and didn’t forgive me. Each time that I would go near the chair, he would bolt out of the room – until today.

Today he did that little awkward prance that he’s come to do when he’s looking forward to being pet. I sat on the chair. He stood on its arm, kneading and purring as I pet him.


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