1. Céline Kelette says:

    lovely new hair cut ! it gives you this lovely “spring air” !!!
    I love your text about journaling moving and meditation. It’s a huge way of life I think ! It reminds me that i don’t afford me this important time ! I will think about it this week !!! It’s a matter of mindfull consciousness… have you read Echkart Tolle ? fabulous life lessons …..
    (still can’t read your newsletter and still desperate : I did all what you said to me !! I received your personal messages…..)

    have a great sunday

    • Jamie says:

      Salut Céline! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Maybe this spring would be a great time to add just one of these practices to your day. What do you think?

      I’m so sorry about the newsletter. I had a look behind the scenes and my service is sending it out to you. I wonder if you could contact your email service provider and ask them what might be happening. The other suggestion I have would be to sign up for a gmail account and subscribe with that. Perhaps it will get through to you there! I so want to sort this out so that you can get the newsletter.

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