Saying Goodbye

JRS Jinx Resting

On Friday, we said goodbye to our dear Jinx. After her stroke two years ago, every day has been a gift and still, it felt like it came too suddenly and too soon.

Jinx came home with me from the Toronto Humane Society when she was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. We had 20 years together, through thick and thin for the both of us. She was a quirky little boo who had an extraordinary vocabulary. (I blame my sister Shannon for Jinx’s talkativeness; Shannon always meets a meow with a meow!) It was Jinx’s sad mew in the morning that let me know something was wrong.

Jinx was the kind of cat who sat in boxes that were too small for her, who thought most people were furniture and who would start meowing for breakfast if she heard you so much as turn over in bed. In recent years she loved to sleep with her face planted into her blanket and all her life she loved to have her ears rubbed. When she was younger, she was a bit of mischief. I remember walking into the living room and finding her perched on the top of an open door! I still don’t know how she got there. She was always a bit of a scared-y cat. In fact, she showed me that the cartoons aren’t exaggerating; cats really do bristle, jump straight up and say, “Pfzzzst!”

JRS  Jamie & Jinx

She never liked to be picked up but in the past couple of weeks she demanded it of us daily. She’d be underfoot until we’d relent, scooping her up into our arms, where she would relax and purr and gently headbutt.

We weren’t the only ones making sure there were lots of cuddles before it was time to go.

I miss her dearly already and know there will always be a spot in my heart reserved for our little Jinx. Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending love. All of us who are feeling the loss feel surrounded by love. Thank you.

2013-05-27 Jinx in the Studio



  1. Pamela says:

    Oh Jamie, I am so sad to hear this. You have my sympathy and love.
    No matter when it happens, it is always hard to say goodbye to such a special friend and companion as Jinx. You wrote a wonderful tribute here and the photos express a lot of affection, comfort, and peace. Jinx was a beautiful cat. Pets truly show us so much strength and grace in their final days.
    You will have to look up now and find Jinx’s special star that shines in the night sky. She will twinkle it so you will know which one it is. Her light and love is always with you. Sending you a hug and peace, Jamie.
    God bless you, dear Jinx.

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you from my heart, Pamela. I know I would always want one more day, one more cuddle, one more headbutt and purr. I love the idea of connecting with Jinx through a star. You know, this is a very special time in the sky when we can actually see the bright light of Venus. What a wonderful remembrance of all the love.

  2. Barbara says:

    So sad for you Jamie but what a wonderful life jinx had with you. Be brave.

    Just to say thank you Jamie for all you do. You add another dimension to the world.

  3. Lesleyanne Guest says:

    My heart breaks for you whilst reading this post. So beautifully written and poignant. It makes me think of my two cats Kiwi and Willow who I adore and hoping that I will have many more years with them before I have to say goodbye. I think cats like some people are meant to be in our lives for a reason. They teach us so much and provide much love. Thinking of you and Justin at this sad time and I’ll look out for a new star in the heavens shining so bright and I’ll know it is beautiful Jinx.

    • Jamie says:

      What beautiful words, Lesleyanne. Thank you so much for that shining star. May you and Kiwi and Willow have many, many years to come. ((hugs))

  4. Jeanine says:

    Oh Jamie, I am so sorry to hear about Jinx. I know the loss of a fur baby is as bad as the loss of another family member. I want to offer you my sympathy and hope you can remember the good in the past 20 years with Jinx.

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