Over 50 Ways to Lift Your Spirits

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that things have felt heavy for quite a long time. This week I realized just how many of my strategies for tough times are about easing down and settling in, especially during winter, but right now my spirit craves some lightness!

I’m not talking about stepping over the hard stuff or our big feelings. I’m talking about rising out of the muck long enough to shake off what doesn’t need to be there. I’m talking about giving our spirits a chance to remember exuberance and joie de vivre.

I started gathering a list of the kinds of things that lift me up and then I invited people on social media* to do the same. So this week I have for you…

A List for Lifting Your Spirits!

  • Fresh air, dancing, having a shower, changing the sheets, eating fruit, tidying my desk, beautiful scents, sunshine, kids books (Jamie)
  • Fresh flowers, singing, swinging on a swing, being on the edge of any body of water (Brittany)
  • Walking to my studio and being mindful (Joy)
  • I enjoy watching birds at the feeder. If you don’t have a feeder there is actually YouTube videos showing bird feeders. My cat likes to watch those. (Cheryl)
  • Flowers and deep, beautiful fragrances. Coffee and in-person convo with friends who share belly laughs (Ozarkmamaw)
  • Lavender, escapism through books, old films, and deconstructing music, folks like Jamie Ridler. (Heather) (Thanks, Heather!)
  • Music, just fixing coffee for me and my hubby, and retro shows, and this week just playing in my planner-journal-sketchbook with stickers and watercolor and making collages with old and new photos. (Mayte)
  • My favorite candle, flowers, music, painting, taking a walk and observing nature. (Kristen)
  • Bird song always, fresh flowers, a lovely scented candle and just sitting still for a few moments (Linda)
  • Good books (Carol)
  • Tea, puppy snuggles, doodling and bopping around the house to bad 80’s dance tunes. (Lynne)
  • Lighting a candle as the sun slips away, flowers in the winter and walks in the snow (when it is not TOO cold) Watching my dog romp and play in snow drifts and cozy evenings by the fire. (Susan)
  • Seeing new puppies on my walk around the city. (Ellen)
  • Cooking (new and favourite things), singing and writing songs , knitting and crocheting, splitting firewood, shoveling snow, talking with friends on the phone, dancing (Alex)
  • Squirrel gazing (jlightmuse)
  • Journaling, feel good movies, good comedy movies or videos, coloring, decluttering, a hot cup of tea and a small but decedent dessert. (Angela)
  • Lighting candles, moisturizing, taking pictures, sitting in the sun, clearing the kitchen sink, opening the windows. (Tracey)
  • I like to wash dishes and tidy the kitchen (My wife likes that I do this, so I also earn major brownie points). I find it very calming. We have a regular schedule taking the dog outside, which in cold weather is something I love, and Sam seems to love too. Sometimes I’m in the here & now with Sam & the air, sometimes lost in memories. But walking a dog has always been a source of a natural high for me. (Leslie)
  • Quiet morning with my Bible and journal, bath and a novel, catnap, chopping veggies for a soup or salad, FaceTime with my granddaughter, a short walk if it’s not below zero, jigsaw puzzle, and a piece of dark chocolate (Artsyfaithchic)
  • Doing something for someone else. (Pamela)
  • My greatest joy is that a family of magpies have moved into my neighborhood. They bring me great joy and use my bird bath during the day. (Susan)
  • Dancing around my apartment to Kate Bush. (Kate)
  • A few of mine are walking by the ocean, dancing around the house to my favorite music, and watching silly cat videos on IG.(Cathy)
  • Birdsong, vibrant colors, fun designs, fashion, playing music on my piano, walking and listening to Art Juice podcast, prayer/meditation, drawing/cartooning. (Dawn)
  • Singing, walking in the woods, the smell of pine trees in the sun, laughing, good movies, soundtracks, lavender, getting lost in my art, anything by James Horner, Star Trek (new ones), Downton Abbey, Love Actually, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Big, 300. Hugs from my kids. (Sarah)
  • Walking outdoors. Painting. Reading. Puttering. (Hiro)
  • Reading a good book in my comfy bed, playing with my granddaughter, painting and art making, getting outside, hanging with my chickens, cuddling with my dog, and watching birds.(Susan M)
  • Snow! Cuddles from my pug! Good Chocolate! Hugs! (Amy-Lynn)
  • I agree with those who said birdsong is uplifting. Also walks in the woods and songs from my teen years like Lucky Star by Madonna. (Amy)
  • Doing anything creative. Being with young children or Dogs. Swimming. Music. Podcasts . Feel good movies. (Angella)
  • As for simple things that lift my spirits, I’ll add that watching the hummingbirds at our feeder is wonderful, even when some of them are running off the other birds to keep the nectar all to themselves! A walk through my local nursery is also a wonderful way to be in nature, if a botanical garden isn’t close by. (Monicathecreativebeast)
  • Snowshoeing on a bed of fresh snow. (Jeanne)
  • Skate skiing in the winter, riding my bike in the non winter months. I need to do more of these. They make me feel child like again. I will skate ski this weekend! (Suzanne)
  • Journaling, walking with my dog in nature, gratitude practice (including with our teen boys around the dinner table each night), date nights with my honey. (Lynda)
  • Music

I hope this adds to your repertoire of goodness. I found that just reading these musings soothed my soul! I hope they do the same for you. Let’s keep embracing what uplifts us and, as we do, keep lifting one another up too.

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