I Made This: The Fun of Drawing Shapes and Lines

Drawing Lines and ShapesI’ve always found myself impatient with drawing. I felt impatient with my lack of skill. Impatient with the time it took. Impatient with my progress. Impatient with my results. Perhaps my impatience was rooted in my discomfort– my fear of drawing, really.

But recently I’ve been rediscovering the simple joy of making marks on paper – with pen, with pencil, with markers. I’ve been enjoying the sensuality of it, the feeling of movement across the page, the flow of curves, the sharpness of angles, the bursts of little shapes quickly done.

Drawing is like a dance you create on the page, the pen marking the choreography.

Time slows down when I draw. Perhaps that’s another reason why I didn’t like it before. I was afraid of slowness. Life’s too busy. Life’s too short for something slow.

But now I find drawing meditative. It’s a blessing to give my busy mind time to engage with shapes and lines, to wonder what will happen if I connect this point to that one, to discover that a triangle can become a windmill and a flower and a tree.

I’m giving myself permission to slow down, to breathe and to play. I’m enjoying drawing for the simple pleasure of it and that is more than enough.

I’m sharing this post as a part of I Made This! If you want to share something you made this week, come on by and join in!

Have Fun Drawing Lines


  1. Lola says:

    “Drawing is like a dance you create on the page, the pen marking the choreography.” yes!
    I joined the Basic Line Drawing class too last night, and I really enjoyed drawing the leaves, poppies, dahlias… I enjoyed the slowness in life too! Thanks Jamie!

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