Finding Beauty in My Neglected Garden

My Neglected Garden

It’s fall and I’ve been feeling badly about neglecting my garden this year. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the intense work going on in the studio. I hardly got out there at all. Weeds grew to a massive height. Grass pushed the boundaries, establishing dominance over the garden borders. Stray morning glories wound their way tightly around phlox and roses, intertwining their fates for the season. When I saw my peonies covered in powdery mildew, I wanted to go back inside.

Instead. I looked a little closer. Here’s what I saw.







The beauty of life always and always finds a way and that always and always gives me hope.

Jamie photographing Shibumi & Scout

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  1. Angella says:

    Isnt that the truth Jamie?! There is always beauty – sometimes one just has to look a little harder to find it. Gardens teach us so much. And no matter what, there will always be next Spring and we can start again :)

  2. susanJOY Hosken says:

    gardens are very forgiving of neglect. there is usually something that survives and is a new beginning to the next part of the gardening journey xoxox susanJOY

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