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New Additions to the Garden

New Garden Additions

It’s already a bit late in the season to be getting to the garden centre but there was still plenty of beauty!  I always put some annuals out front, usually some dark red geraniums and some purple wave petunias, neither of which were available so I made some new choices. What’s funny is that I didn’t even notice that I had picked the same  colour scheme! I guess I just like it, especially against the green of our house.

Verbena Hybrid

Verbena Hybrid  – Lanai Dark Red Verbena (annual)


Salvia longispicata x farinacea – Mystic Spires, Blue Salvia (perennial)

Euphorbia Stardust

Euphorbia Hybrid – ‘Star Dust Super Flash” Euphorbia (annual)

Delphinium Guardian

Delphinium elatum – “Guardian Lavender” Delphinium (perennial)

Japanese Pieris

Pieris japonica – ‘Brouwer’s Beauty’ Japanese Pieris (shrub)

These give me a sense of serenity and sanctuary just looking at them. Tomorrow I’ll get them in the ground and let them start the process of making our garden home.

What are you planting in your garden this year?

The Magic of the Garden

The return of open windows is one of the gifts of spring. As the kittens enjoyed the fresh air, I followed their gaze into the backyard.

While they watched for birds and squirrels, my eyes caught sight of green!

Clearing Wire

I rushed outside to free the sprouting bulbs from their protective winter covering of leaves and chicken wire.

Bright Promise

Oh, the joy of discovery!

Tender Green

I love this tender stage of the garden – the sweet shapes, the fresh colours.

Tender Garden

As if that wasn’t joy enough, the sun came out just as I freed these new shoots.

The World of the Garden

That is the magic of the garden. As  I clear the way and discover new life, I feel close to myself, to the Earth and to my mom.

Look Closely for Beauty

From a distance, it looks like a big mess and a patch of dirt.

 Last Season's Leaves

But when you look closely, there is beauty to be found.

Garden Guardian

Finding Beauty in My Neglected Garden

My Neglected Garden

It’s fall and I’ve been feeling badly about neglecting my garden this year. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the intense work going on in the studio. I hardly got out there at all. Weeds grew to a massive height. Grass pushed the boundaries, establishing dominance over the garden borders. Stray morning glories wound their way tightly around phlox and roses, intertwining their fates for the season. When I saw my peonies covered in powdery mildew, I wanted to go back inside.

Instead. I looked a little closer. Here’s what I saw.







The beauty of life always and always finds a way and that always and always gives me hope.

Jamie photographing Shibumi & Scout

First Signs of Spring in the Garden

Garden Guardian

The winter was long and I have been impatiently waiting for the garden to show signs of life. It’s only been about two weeks since there was ice back there! Now every day I’m taking a little tour and yelling out to Justin and Shannon, “Hey, you’ve got to see this. Look! Look!”

Sedum Sr

One of the very first things to show up in the garden this year was Sedum Sr. Last year I went on a rescue mission to get this guy. He’d ended up in the neighbour’s yard after we had our fence replaced. Last summer I snuck my fingers through the fence and gently, gently pulled him back home. He looked a little depleted when I replanted him but clearly he’s come to like his new spot!

Crocus Bud

I’m delighted and perplexed by this crocus bud. Delighted because it’s white, which I love, and it’s the first thing to flower! Perplexed because I didn’t plant any crocuses. Not one. And yet there seem to be quite a few sprouting. Interestingly, I planted quite a few white daffodils… and not one has shown up. I’m beginning to wonder about bulb packaging!

Tree Peony

One of the very first things I planted in the garden was this tree peony. She’s quite a sensitive soul and spectacular too. The first year she unfurled one lone bloom with a single layer of petals. The next year there were three and they were more robust. I am always curious to see what she’s going to do next.


The phlox is coming up too. The only way that I remember what or where most of these plants are is to not clear away all the debris in the fall. Otherwise, I’d forever be digging up old plants as I make way for new ones. (I still manage to do that more often than I’d like, ack!)

Bleeding Hearts

Every year these are my absolute favourite sprouts. This white bleeding heart always looks like alien beings stretching out of the soil towards the sun as they come to life.

Unknown Plant

It took a keen eye to notice this tender purple under all that old growth. If I remember correctly, this plant will have a beautiful white and green leaf and tender little purple flowers. I’m going to get out there today and clear the old away.


I am so excited to see these tulips coming up. In the fall I planted bulbs for several varieties of white tulips and then covered them with chicken wire held down by rocks, hoping to outwit the squirrels. I know they got few within days of planting and now they are definitely nibbling on the tender shoots but hopefully I’ll get at least a few beautiful flowers.

I love this time of year. Spring is Christmas for gardeners!

No doubt I will soon be starting my #goodmorninggarden series on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Join me and see the garden grow!