Find Inspiration: Creating with Care

Looking for inspiration is a constant creative practice. When I find something that moves me, I let it sink in and then I think about what it is that moved me so deeply. * In Nick Bennett’s video of potters James and Tilla Waters, I am struck by two things.

First is the sensuality of the pottery experience. As though we were the potters themselves, we feel the light in the room, listen to the birds, feel the clay in our hands and the heat of the fire. We appreciate the pleasing visual shapes, subtle colours and interesting patterns. We can imagine the weight of the mug in our hands. What a beautiful reminder that the arts speak to all of our senses.

The second is the level of care put into this piece, which no doubt represents the level of care put into every piece these potters create. In this I am reminded of devotion to one’s craft and also the willingness to slow down time in order to be present with the task at hand.  Suddenly I feel less like rushing and bounding between projects and more like pouring my soul into one thing.

We all find different inspirations. In looking at the title of the video, I see the director was inspired by the sense of satisfaction that is created when this care and work is done.

What about this short film inspired you?

*This is the way I gather and explore Inspiration in my Studio Yearbook each day.  This practice invites me to engage in the world creatively and to discover what it is that calls to my creative heart. I

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