Find Inspiration: The Conscious Booksmith Podcast

Christine Mason Miller has been inspiring me for over a decade, from the blogging days of Swirly Girl to her recent compelling memoir, Moving Water.  Since then I have had pleasure of calling her friend, the privilege of contributing to her book Desire to Inspire and the delight to have Christine as a guest on Creative Living with Jamie.

Recently, I have felt like I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Christine daily as I binge listened to her new podcast, The Conscious Booksmith Podcast. Here’s how she describes it:

Inspired by The Conscious Booksmith – Christine’s online course for aspiring authors – and the experience of writing Moving Water, her memoir, The Conscious Booksmith Podcast explores the question What does it mean to write your life story? Every week, Christine will explore a different aspect of her experience writing her memoir, a years-long journey with twists, turns and plenty of surprises. After covering the basics in The Conscious Booksmith, Christine will take an even deeper dive into one of the most daunting and fulfilling creative pursuits of her career.

If you are an established or aspiring writer, be sure to check The Conscious Booksmith podcast out. Christine shares both the practical and the philosophical aspects of her own journey writing a memoir and interviews creative gifts about their own experiences sharing their stories and finding healing through art.

Christine Mason Miller has a gift for combining vision and practice. I know she will inspire you too.

This month many of the regular offerings at the studio are on hold, particularly the BTS and Creative Living with Jamie. This is the time between seasons when I am tinkering away in the studio, working on classes and offerings for the season ahead. While I am hard at work working on spring/summer nourishment for your creative life, I thought I would fill the studio with inspiration for your creative heart!

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