Creativity, Signs & People Who Get It

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Today: Spending last week in the company of so many creative hearts at different stages on their journey has me thinking about the gift of being connected to one another. Plus, I’m super excited about the new show my sisters and I are starting today: Art & Netflix. I hope you’ll check it out!

Mentioned in Today’s Show

Kempenfelt CentreThe Kempenfelt Centre where I led a workshop for Threads of Life

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  1. Autumn_Forge says:

    Thank you for talking about “people who get it.” I’m far enough along in my own creative journey to feel isolated among people to whom creativity is not important, and I appreciate the reminder that it’s not because there’s something wrong with me!

    Thank you also for the tips in last Friday’s video about self-care. Last week, I was juggling NaNoWriMo and preparing for a graduation show with my improv class. On Friday afternoon, the call for the show was moved up an hour, to 10 am Saturday, to allow more rehearsal time. I took care of myself by going to bed early instead of staying up late to write, and felt great during the performance.

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