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Today: The Creative Practice Seminar is live tomorrow so the studio is abuzz with preparations. It’s fascinating to be creating this seminar while I am right in the midst of seeing how my own practice supports me through the loss of Jinx.

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After the Clematis Blooms

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  1. Pamela says:

    I’ve always seen you as an excellent writer. You come up with original ways to say things and you write from the heart as well as mind. You have a depth and get to the core of things. Your words inspire! Your book is one I look forward to reading.

  2. sharon stanley says:

    hi jamie…i’m a hew listener since you were interviewed by bebe butler at the painted guru summit. i’m loving your energy, your spirit and your site. i may just have a wee tiny little art crush! although i’ve been making art since captain kangaroo pulled out his showbox of construction paper and crayons when i was 4, and i’ve always crafted goodies to sell and enjoy, i’m late to the party as far as thinking ahead to something bigger. i lacked the confidence (and time!) to make a real go of it. but i got a bit of a boost a couple of years ago when my last child graduated hs, i decided to try and fulfill a lifelong wish of having a children’s book published, and succeeded, so this has given me the confidence to not only continue writing for kids, but also to go a bit further with art…so here i am, loving your creative TV, and hoping that even as you go to three days a week, you will continue to offer ADVICE…which i am loving! can’t wait to poke back through your TV archives and learn more!

    • Jamie says:

      Hi there, Sharon! Thank you so much for saying hi and sharing such lovely words. I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to the studio!

      I can totally relate to your Captain Kangaroo story! For me it was Mr. Dressup! Congratulations on your children’s book – and for finding the confidence to continue and further the work. I am cheering you on!! ((bighugs))

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