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Sara Naumann on Creative Living with Jamie
This Week on Creative Living with Jamie: Sara Naumann, craft designer, author & educator

About Sara…

Sara Naumann is a craft designer, author and educator. She’s been in the creative industry for over 20 years, and never gets tired of seeing self-described “uncreatives” discover the fun of making something by hand. Her mission is to help crafters of all experience levels celebrate their creativity, whether that’s through making a collage, a stamped birthday card, or a new necklace. Her mission is to make the technical parts easy so people can enjoy their own creative process.

Sara also believes that running a business is just as creatively rewarding as crafting. She regularly volunteers with the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) in the US and UK and speaks at industry events, advising other solopreneurs and designers on business, marketing and strategic planning.

Sara is an American nomad currently living with her husband, small daughter and two rescue cats in the Baltic sea town of Sopot, Poland. She is the author of craft books from Search Press, a blogger, magazine columnist and Guest Expert on Create and Craft television. Her upcoming book is Resin Jewelry from Search Press..

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