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Hali Karla on Creative Living with Jamie

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Hali Karla. Writer & Artist

Hali Karla is an artist and writer passionate about cultivating holistic creativity. She enjoys gathering artists and healers for workshops and circles that inspire self-acceptance, celebrate wholeness and honor interconnection. Her soulful perspective and background as a nurse offer a meaningful framework for how she holds space, which has been described as nurturing and safe for truth-telling and courageous transformation. She encourages trust and intentional relationship with body, earth, intuition and expression as a way toward empowered healing, vitality and joy – and uses the creative process as a means to ground, grow and discover.

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Facebook: Hali Karla Arts
Twitter: @halikarla
Instagram:  @halikarla
Pinterest: @halikarla

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