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Danette Relic on Creative Living with Jamie

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Danette Relic, life coach & creative self-expressionist

Danette is a life coach and self-expression expert who believes that life is about knowing who you are and expressing more of who you are each day. She loves to create magical experiences where others can explore and express themselves, from intimate workshops in her home studio to over-the-top Halloween celebrations. Her life and her life’s work thrive around freedom, pleasure and authenticity.

Danette is deeply passionate about the brave and beautiful work of personal growth and it’s connection to creativity. In her workshops and her coaching she inspires and supports others as they create powerful lives they love.

Discover More About Today’s Guest…

Website: Radical Creative Sanctuary
Facebook: Radical Creative Sanctuary
Twitter: @radicalsugar

Plus… Danette’s interview is featured on Creative Living with Jamie Podcast Collection: Season One

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