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Cairene MacDonald at Jamie Ridler StudiosThis Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Cairene MacDonald of Third Hand Works, business readiness coach and administrative guide

Cairene MacDonald is a business readiness coach and administrative guide. Through classes and one-on-one coaching, she helps independent creative professionals learn how to improve the administration of their businesses, emphasizing right-brain strategies so clients can succeed and still be themselves. Which is just a fancy-pants way of saying she helps people stop hatin’ on their admin grunt work.

Cairene has been helping arty-types get organized one way or another for more than twenty years, supporting designers and architects, art coaches and gallery owners, writers and teachers, among others. The insights gained from these relationships, along with her own experiences as an artist, are the basis of her current work. She knows first-hand the challenges of trying to streamline one’s muse.

Cairene lives in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not preaching her message of administrative reconciliation to the creative masses, she’s probably hanging out with her husband and her dog. Or making something.

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Website: Third Hand Works
Blog: How Third Hand Works Gets in Gear
Twitter: @thirdhandworks

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