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This week’s podcast is 20:15.

Chris Zydel Creative Living

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Chris Zydel, Creativity Guide & Founder of Creative Juices Arts

About Chris…

Chris Zydel, founder of Creative Juices Arts, has over 28 years of experience as a compassionate and skillful creativity guide. She is devoted to providing enthusiastic encouragement and inspiration to support her clients in developing their full creative potential and living a vital and authentic creative life. As a creativity coach Chris has successfully mentored countless writers, painters, photographers and business owners … anyone with a creative vision trying to be born! Her deep intuitive understanding of Evolutionary Astrology directs the people she works with towards choices that lead to a greater sense of creative purpose and fulfillment.

And through her popular Painting from the Wild Heart workshops she creates a sacred space where the power of intuitive painting works its magic of healing, personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Discover More About Today’s Guest…

Website: Creative Juices Arts
Blog: Creative Juices Arts – Blog
Twitter: @wildheartqueen
Upcoming Retreat: Painting Retreat in Northern California

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