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This week’s podcast is 22:40.

Annabel Fitzsimmons CLwJ

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Annabel Fitzsimmons, writer, yoga & pilates teacher

About Annabel

Annabel Fitzsimmons is a mother of two, a writer, a yoga and Pilates teacher, and the founder of ClearSpace Online is an online studio that offers tools and resources to live an inspired and balanced life through: yoga, Pilates, meditation, relaxation and guided journaling podcasts; articles on health, diet, fitness and wellness; the ClearSpace blog, and the ClearSpace Interview series. Annabel started ClearSpace to encourage people to reconnect with what makes them truly happy. Annabel also muses on taking yoga off the mat and into motherhood in her MeditatingMummy Blog.

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Website: Annabel Fitzsimmons Whole Living
Twitter: @meditatingmummy
Instagram: @meditatingmummy

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