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2014-11-17 Dawn

These days I feel like a little elf hard at work behind the scenes creating, creating, creating. I’m tucked in, watching the sunrise and the temperature drop, lighting up the studio with twinkie lights and inspiration. My plan is to bring you some wonderful support for creating a magical season and a brilliant new year!

Soon the Vision Card workshop will be available on-demand. It teaches you a creative practice that will help you discover and remember your touchstones for next year. This is a yearly practice for me and I adore it. I know you will too! Also, the Full Cold Moon is on her way and she invites us to dream of comfort and home. We’ll be using that as inspiration for our Full Moon Dreamboards this month and I’m getting the workshop ready now. Plus it’s been clear that people would love to get together for a planning day and so I’ve decided to host a Design Your 2015 workshop on December 5th. I’ll be posting details soon.

That’s where I’ve been channeling all of my creative effort and so I thought I’d continue the creative elf work and dig, dig, dig out of the Creative Living with Jamie archives and bring you some treasures you may have missed the first time around! When we moved into the new studio, we started from where we were and have slowly but steadily been bringing more and more over to the studio (as the Transcription Team knows – thanks, team!)

Creative Living with Jamie Podcast Treasures You May Have Missed!

Creative Living with Jamie Podcast Image

Creative Living with Jamie: Gretchen Rubin

I became a big fan of Gretchen’s with her book Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-Control, and My Other Experiments in Everyday Life. It had a profound impact on me. I learned not only from what she was sharing but also by how she structured her explorations. I was so excited to have a chance to chat with her for the show. Listen to the show.

Creative Living with Jamie: Susan Piver

If you’ve been around the studio for a while, you know that Susan was my doorway to meditation. Out of the blue I suddenly knew this was something I was meant to explore and the Universe led me to Susan just as she was starting The Open Heart Project. Susan’s guidance and teaching has been a blessing. Listen to the Show:

Creative Living with Jamie: Flora Bowley

I met Flora at the World Domination Summit in Portland. We had a great chat and her warmth and openness inspired me to invite her on the show. Recently I relished a class that Flora offered at Lifebook. It was all about using non-traditional items for painting, like broccoli and mushrooms. It was delightfully tactile and possibility opening! Listen to the show

I hope that you enjoy these creative conversations and that they inspire some magic in you! Over the holiday season I’ll be sharing more of these as I bring them out of the archives and hang them up in our beautiful new studio.

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