Creative Living Adventure: A Day with Auntie Laima

JRS Auntie Laima's

“Choose a cup!”

That was the beginning of our great creative adventure with Auntie Laima, choosing the cherished teacup that we would bring to the table for lunch. What a delight to sit down to favourite china, double bergamot tea, delicious treats and great company. It gave us a great chance to catch up and connect before we headed out to stock up on inspiration and supplies.

JRS A Visit to Lens

Auntie Laima drove us to one of her favourite spots for yarn and fabric, Cambridge Fibres and Lens. Oh, the abundance!!

Cambridge Fibres

How do you even begin to choose? Or course, the smart thing would be to start with your project(s) in mind and focus on precisely what you need. But then sometimes you just fall in love.

Favourite Yarn

This was the first yarn I picked out. I have no idea what I’ll make with it but something that I can wrap around myself because it feels as beautiful as it looks! Already I had something so wonderful it didn’t matter if I found anything else. But of course… I found something else.

Our Palettes

As with Art Day it’s so easy to tell which palette is mine and which one is Shannon’s! I love the way you see each of our personalities emerge in our choices.

Freight Elevator

Then we took the freight elevator downstairs to an entire floor of fabrics!

Fabric at Lens

Wow! Even though my sewing adventure is currently on hold, this array was full of inspiration for drawing…

JRS Floral

JRS Flags

for colour…

JRS Orange Pattern

Purple Dragonflies

For memories…

JRS Pink & Yellow Flowers

JRS Memory Daisies

For personal preference…

JRS Texture for Jamie

It was such a rich experience. It brought me back to memories of my mom, my grandma and my aunt heading out for their grand adventures together in search of treasures and finds. I’m so glad we were able to do this together and look forward to the day when our sister Suzie can join us too. Thank you so much, Auntie Laima!

Shannon at Appleby's

There’s no better way to wrap up a creative adventure then stopping for a breather, a bite and a chat. You can tell by Shannon’s smile just how great a time we’ve had! To top it all off, she looked up and noticed something amazing: three kittens keeping us company!

Three Kitten Lamp

A day full of blessings!


    • Jamie says:

      It absolutely was! And the delicousness of fabric is what has inspired me to consider sewing. Though drawing and painting inspiration may actually be where that leads, which surprises me too, LOL!

  1. Suzie the Foodie says:

    Amazing!!! OMG, those yarn colours are so you and when I saw Shannon’s I was like…??? Then I saw your note that they were hers, LOL. Next time I hope I can come and bring a teacup too. Those were yummy fabric patterns too. Thank you so much for sharing Jamie!!!

  2. Gillian Loban says:

    Ever since a was a small child I have found yarn and fabric calling to me. In fact every Spring I itch for the feel of greasy fleece in my hands and want to spin. I understand you delight in China, yarn and fabrics. What a treat for you and Shannon,

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