Core Creative Practices

Core Creative Practices

Stepping into this new season and a big new project (writing a book!), I find myself recommitting to the three core practices that support my creative life: journaling, movement and me time*. This triad keeps me well-tended and allows me to show up vibrantly and wholeheartedly.


Over the years I’ve found that having a simple regular channel for self-expression is a life-changer. Your journal is a safe place to pour out your heart, gather your ideas and hear your own voice.

Journaling can take many forms but for me Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages – three pages of long-hand, free-form writing every morning – have been foundational. I have strayed from this format often but am returning to it this spring.

I am combining morning pages with evening “My Day on a Page” journaling. On one page I gather key memories, mundane moments, my mood, my preoccupations, my inspirations, ideas and even a drawing or two.

What kind of journaling does or would support your creative life?


Creative living is a whole body experience! A regular practice of moving your body keeps the energy flowing in all aspects of your lives. It enhances well-being and supports vitality while helping any moody bits or stuck energy flow through like a weather system.

It’s important to move in a way that is right and good and healthy for you. Moving doesn’t have to be a big fancy deal or a major workout. It might be going for a walk or dancing in your bedroom. It might be yoga class or simply stretching from fingertips to tippy toes when you wake up.

This season I plan on practicing yoga, walking a lot more and, of course, playing Just Dance 2015!

What way of moving does or would support your creative life?

Me Time

Having time to yourself is a balm for the creative soul. “Me time” can be anything that allows you to be 100% in your own experience so that you can feel yourself breathe, hear yourself think and sense your own reactions and impulses. It gives you a chance to unplug and bring your energy back to your very own heart.

The me-time practice that I will be returning to this spring is meditation. I started meditating over a year ago and have been amazed by its blessings. As a woman with a busy brain, it often feels like a deep sigh of relief when I sit for even 5 minutes and pay attention to my breath.

What form of “me-time” does or would support your creative life?

These are the practices I return to again and again, my creative living triad. May they support you in bringing your creativity to life!

*If you’ve been a member of the studio for a while, you probably remember I used to refer to this trio as Morning Pages, Movement and Meditation. I love the alliteration but I’ve found it helpful to open up the categories, allowing them to stay focused but more flexible. I hope you find that helpful too.


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