Confident Travelling: Dordrecht, Holland


After our day in Delft, we thought we would have dinner in Dordrecht. This city is full of history, particularly family history for Justin and his father, Chris. On that bench out there on the left, Justin’s grandparents would sit together. If my memory serves, that may in fact be where they first kissed.

Dordrecht Houses

One of the things Holland is known for is the wonderful shape of canal houses. Their signature silhouette is memorable, beautiful and found in everything from porcelain figurines to pillow cases. In these ones I particularly like the anchor adornments at their peak.

Dordrecht Restaurant

And here was the absolute perfect place to sit for dinner.

Dordrecht Boat

A great place for ship watching. The ones we saw most frequently are these transports. When they are empty they ride high on the water but when full, they can come so close to water level that splashes find their way right in!

Dordrecht Restaurant

One of the things I will truly miss are all the wonderful meals, coffees and beers we had on delightful patios around Holland, including this one in Dordrecht.


While we were taking pictures in this spot, Justin’s Dad took up a conversation with one of the locals who was sitting in front of his house reading with his wife. Chris made a joke about him being a part of the local scenery and the gentleman quickly retorted that they were watching us too! Chris suggested he should take the man’s picture, at which point he cheerfully shook out his paper, sat back and posed.


One of my very favourite things to do in any city is simply to walk through the streets and take in the homes and buildings. I could do that for hours and hours. In fact, I do that at home all the time and never get tired of it. I love places and how we live in them.

Our Feet in Dordrecht

As we walked through the city (and, in fact, in all our travels), I loved seeing what would catch our eyes – the things that were the same, the things that were different. Sharing experiences together is such a wonderful way to experience one another.

Dordrecht Statue

This haunting statue definitely caught our attention. I could come back on different days at different times in different weather to revisit this piece in this place and let her tell me all of her stories over and over again.

Dordrecht Kitten

And no matter where I go, you know I’m always looking for more Cats in the Hood!

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