Confident Travelling: Delft

Delft Charm

It took about 10 seconds to fall in love with the city of Delft – the canals filled with ducks and coots, including a trail of chirping, chicks, cobblestones, flowers and a church that played Yellow Submarine on the bells.

Market Flowers in Delft

And the market! Thank you to Justin’s Aunt Ida who recommended we go on a Thursday to enjoy the market, particularly the flowers!

Delft Cheese

And great cheese. We all sampled the green one and knew we had to take some home. I still don’t know what it was other than smoky, filled with caraway and absolutely delicious! I think we had that cheese for breakfast and lunch most days after that.

Delft Centre

All of this was right in the city centre of Delft and the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) looked over by Hugo Grotius or Hugo de Groot who is known as the founder of international law and who wrote an influential work on the freedom of the seas.

JRS 6 Delft Market

We followed the market throughout the city. There was so much to look at and delight in!

Delft Market

I even found a silver ring that was incredibly similar to a thumb ring I lost years ago. The man who sold it to me said, “You have come a long way, but you have not come for nothing.”

Delft Market Tools

After taking a picture of these refurbished tools, we had a great conversation with the man who does the work. Most of these were originally abandoned and covered in rust but he brought them back to life so they are useful again.  Not to sound like a fuddy-duddy but it really does seem that things aren’t made like they used to be so this seems incredibly worthwhile!

Delft Market Puppy

The market is so big and full of riches it’s enough to tire a puppy out!

Delft History

After the market we strolled down the streets, taking in the architecture and the historic buildings. Whenever we saw a plaque, Justin’s dad would interpret for us.

Delft Charm

Everywhere we walked, Delft was full of charm.


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