Clear & Claim

Clear and Claim
At certain points of the year, and at certain points in our lives, there comes a time to both shake things up and pin things down, a time to let some things go while holding onto others more tightly.

There is a time to clear and a time to claim.

We all know the value of decluttering, how good it feels to clear out what no longer serves, whether that’s shoes that hurt our feet or relationships that hurt our hearts. It is a powerful practice to clear our homes, our schedules, our hearts and our lives.

It’s powerful to edit.

And as we grow experienced with editing, more and more we develop our discernment.

Pu-lease take that away!! But that, never.

This jacket was me 10 years ago.

That blouse is so 10 years ago and it was never me!

These red boots represents who and where I am right now, right here.

And this tattoo I pinned, that’s the me I hope to be.

A part of clearing is claiming.

As you send something away, you say to yourself and the Universe, “No, not this. Thank you very much.”

As you choose to keep something, you say, “Oh, yes, this! Yes, thank you very much.”

Clearing and claiming, like yin and yang, balance our lives.

These actions magnetically move us, choice by choice (no to this, yes to that, no to this, yes to that) towards our self and the life we long to live.

But don’t take my word for it. As with all things in our creative lives, the only way to know if something actually works for us is to give it a try. Let’s start today.

For a Clearing and Claiming Quickstart, answer these questions:

  1. What’s one thing you want to clear?
  2. What’s one thing you want to claim?
  3. What do these two choices say about you and the life you want to be living?

Jamie’s Clearing and Claiming Quickstart

  1. Unfinished projects.
  2. Myself as an artist.
  3. It is time to create some closure and make room for who I am becoming.

What about you?

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  1. Adrea says:

    Absolutely lovely. We are always becoming more of who we truly are, and it so helps to clear what we can, without as much direction as possible, to let the becoming arrive. I am absolutely loving this! So exciting! Momentum. Yum.

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