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Today: I am noodling the nature of projects! I feel like I live my life project to project and yet I can see that sometimes projects are a barrier. I hope you’ll help me figure out why! Plus, I have a treat for you!

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  1. Susann says:

    Love this topic, Jamie! I arrange my entire life through projects. To me, naming something as a “project” creates a container for it that gives it shape, definition, parameters. The moment something becomes a “project”, it becomes real and solid and doable instead of just an amorphous “want to” or vague idea I can never seem to get a solid grip on.

    Right now, I have a Christmas 2014 Project defining everything I need to do to get Christmas off the planning board & into actionable steps: gifts to buy, cards to write, menus, shopping lists. It’s all written down and instead of stressing over any aspect of it, I need only look at my Project planning lists & notes, and it’s all under control. I also have a 2015 Project (planning my next year), a Garden 2015 Project (plants I had last year, what worked & what didn’t, ideas for various plantings, which plants to start from seed in the spring & which I’ll buy & so on). I have a End-of-the-Year Project, which defines all the incompletes from 2014 I want to do — or consciously postpone — by the end of 2014. A Paperwork Project (I’m reworking my home & business paperwork systems), even one called Health & Fitness to help me meet my goals in that area.

    Then there are all the other projects: specific ones for my writing career, for art, for DIY projects around the house, even one for decluttering & organizing my garage. I take great delight in reviewing them weekly & crossing things off as I work through them step by step.

    So, can you tell I’m a Virgo yet? LOL!

    • Jamie says:

      Yay, Susann! I love knowing that we both are project people! And lol, I have a ton of Virgo in my chart – maybe that’s why I love this too. Here’s to a year of great projects!

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