Caturday: Slow Progress is Still Progress

Ever since we brought the three little rascals home we had a lot of questions about the future. Would they ever let us pet them? If they did, would they ever like it? Would they ever let us pick them up? (Shibumi, yes. Scout, sometimes. Escher, not a chance – at least not yet.) Would they ever sit on the couch with us and watch TV? Or sit on our laps maybe – wouldn’t that be the best?!

This week Scout really kept me company. He sat by me when I was writing and working in my yearbook – though he did make that a bit hard by sitting on it! He sat on my lap while I was hard at work getting Planning Day ready to go. He even sat cozied up in the studio chair while the workshop was live, being our unofficial mascot for 2018.

And then this happened…

Shibumi on my Lap
That is Shibumi sitting on my legs while I’m trying to have a nap. So wonderful! There is something about the way she fully relaxes her body that instantly makes you feel at ease.

Escher Watching Me

And even Escher, our nervous and shy boy, comes looking for attention. Um, yes, it’s unnerving to try and sleep with a cat staring at you but, you know, that’s being a cat mom!

Just like having your picture taken all the time is a part of being a studio kitten!

We’ve come a long way over the years and still we notice and celebrate every bit of progress.  Progress can be slow but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Sometimes I need a reminder. I thought maybe today you might need it too.

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