Caturday: Each to His/Her Own

Triplets at the Window

Every day the kittens hang out together, often at the kitchen window or curled up on our bed. But each of them has a time of day that seems to be their very own and it tells you a lot about them.

Shibumi needs very active playtime every day. If we go near the cabinet with the cat toys, she’s right there sticking her nose in what she hopes will soon be an opening door. She plays hard and fast (#shibumiwins). Generally the other cats watch from the sidelines as she expertly catches that ball or dangling string in seconds flat. Don’t let that hunter’s instinct mislead you. She is so fiercely happy with this opportunity to let loose that it leaves her content and affectionate, rubbing up against your legs with joy.

Escher and Alone Time

In contrast, Escher is keenly adorable when he finds some alone time. While the other two are sleeping, you can sometimes find him in the kitchen quietly and imaginatively stalking his favourite toy – the spring. He’ll bat it around like a hockey puck. He’ll coolly walk away and then prep for a surprise pounce! He’ll even bring it over to me and drop it at my feet waiting for me to throw it. When I do, he’ll leap high in the air to catch the treasure.  As an introverted kitty, Escher takes great joy  in having time that is just for him.

Scout and Cuddles

Scout loves that time right before bed. He runs up the stairs, jumps on the bed and expectantly waits for cuddles. He’s irresistible. Rubbing his tummy and murmuring purrs and sweet nothings has become our nightly routine. I’ve taken to calling him Romeo.

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