Caturday Check-in and Check-up


Our introvert. Too much noise? He’s out of there. Unexpected stimuli? He’s out of there. I remember my Aunt saying, “You can’t see his personality yet. He’s only showing his fear.”

Now, when Escher feels safe and comfortable, his sweetness comes out. When he’s on his own, he’ll often sleep on his back, tummy exposed, feet in the air. Often, he just likes to be in the room where I am, on his own but nearby. If I call to him, sometimes he’ll come running over, ready for a few pets.

This week poor Escher had to go to the vet. Just for his regular check-up but it terrifies him. Getting him into the carrier involved running, hissing and even a deep growl. Still, we managed to get him there and back again. The good news is he is healthy. Plus within minutes of getting home he was stretched out on the kitchen floor relaxed. He even let both me and Justin pet him! Amazing.

Though there are still challenges, Escher’s progress continues. My big hope is that one day we’ll be able to pick him up – and he’ll like it!

Shibumi on the Couch

For a long time we have hoped the cats would join us on the couch. Very early on they decided it was a comfy spot but would generally leave when we were there (mostly because they didn’t like the noise of TV). Recently Shibumi has taken to sitting in “my spot” and last night, not only did she stay once I sat down, she stretched out long, putting her back paws on my legs and curled over, belly exposed and bliss on her face!! Shibumi almost never makes that cat move! I was in heaven despite the fact that she totally stole my spot.

Scout and Escher

Scout has a gift for making everyone feel at ease.  You could really see it when they were those scrappy abandoned kittens. Somehow things would get more relaxed if Scout was in the mix.

Scout and Shibumi

He makes me feel that way too.


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