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Fresh Starts, Fauxbonichis & a Passion Planner

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Today: It’s the first February day in the studio and I’m considering it a fresh start! No wonder, since I’ve cleared my bulletin board, started a new fauxbonichi & changed my date book!

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JRS Triplets Family PhotoHappy Birthday, Kittens!

Follow the adventures of Shibumi, Scout & Escher, our rescue kittens, here.

Sunday with the Kittens: Spaying, Neutering & Healing

Shibumi & Scout

It was a big week for the studio kittens; we took the boys in to be neutered and Shibumi in to be spayed.

They fasted overnight and in the morning were more than ready for a big breakfast, not to get into their carriers! With great trust, Shibumi let me scoop her up and get her in. She was even purring for a moment before she realized my betrayal! It was more challenging with the boys. There was a lot of running, leaping and even hissing. Justin was amazing. He gently but firmly managed to corner each of them, diving in with a towel and emerging with a wriggling angry kitten to quickly deposit in a carrier.


The good news is that despite the fighting and the upset, the meows and complaints were frightened and ticked off as opposed to the last time, which was more like “OMGTHEY’RETRYINGTOKILLME”. I guess that’s a bit of progress.

All three surgeries went well with no complications. They did discover that Scout had retained canines that could be a problem. Basically, his baby canines weren’t falling out and his big-cat ones were trying to grow in. To avoid any issues of misalignment, the vet removed the baby teeth. The two permanent teeth are a bit wiggly but hopefully, as they have the room to settle in, they will start to make themselves at home.

We were able to bring the boys home that night, each with a cone around their head to dissuade them from grooming their surgery sites. Scout had his off before we’d taken 10 steps. Escher’s was a challenge when we got home. They bolted when the carrier doors opened and were clearly terrified. Escher tried to run up the steps but the cone got in the way and he had a little tumble. He was just fine but we found the cone abandoned at the side of the bed he was hiding under.

Both boys stayed under the bed hiding for about an hour. Eventually they emerged in search of dinner. I’ll tell you that I felt much, much better after they’d eaten a bit of food, had their painkillers (which luckily we could put in the food) and they were lying down in their regular quiet spot under the couch.

I am delighted to say that by the end of the evening, we were able to pet Scout and Escher was hanging about. The next morning they both ate a hardy breakfast, Scout was very affectionate and, believe it or not, Escher followed me everywhere! The next day we were able to bring Shibumi home.

Though she’s clearly unimpressed with “the cone” (I keep telling her it looks rather queenly on her), it hasn’t stopped her from anything, except messing with her stitches. She’s as determined and playful as ever!

In fact, since she’s been home she’s been incredibly loving, full of purrs and wanting to be close. Justin and I have both held her in our arms for quite a while, enjoying the closeness and the rumble of her purr. Last night she even slept in the crook of my knee, which is a first. Even more surprising, Escher was right there with her, leaning up against my leg!

He’s been hanging out with her pretty consistently since she got home, whereas Scout was clearly scared by the cone. His first response was to hiss at her and at the first meal with all of them home, he wouldn’t come in and eat while she was there. His fear seems to have settled quite a bit, though Scout seems to be having the hardest time. He’s spending a fair amount of time alone and under the blue couch. He did have two teeth removed in addition to being neutered so I’ll give him a couple of more days before I am too concerned. (Lol, I love how we say that as though we can schedule our concern.

All in all, everyone is well and things will hopefully set into normal. Shibumi and Scout will have to return to the vet in 10 days or so but hopefully after that, everyone can stay put and get comfortable for the year! Imagine that.

Thank you so much for all of the love and good vibes that have been sent to these three. I know that has helped and will continue to help them with their healing.

A big shout-out to all of the staff at the animal clinic. Everyone has been so kind and generous in taking care of these kittens and their humans. We’ve received excellent care, great advice – and even seen pictures of how the kittens were while they were there! We are so thankful to everyone for all their support.

And speaking of support, we could not have done this without the generosity of all of the Aunties and an Uncle who signed up for Sparkles in support of these kittens as well as their own creativity. Each of you have made a difference in the lives of these kittens and of all those who care for them. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. May your sparkle continue to light the way.