Art Day: Sisters, Sparkles & Packing Tape

Art Day with Suzie and Shannon

One of the joys of my week is Art Day every Sunday at our house. My sister Shannon and I spend a few hours at the kitchen table, exploring, creating and having a wonderful time. This week was extra special because my sister Suzie is in visiting from Vancouver and we were able to all create together!

Art Day Prep

All three of us are taking Year of the Spark with Carla Sonheim & Lynn Whipple. We got out all of our supplies and dove into Packing Tape 101, a lesson from Carla.

Art Day Painting Packing Tape

I found it surprisingly fun to paint on packing tape!

Shannon's Art

Perhaps the greatest delight of the day was seeing how everyone’s personal style came out in their creations. Here’s Shannon’s, which includes this awesome cosmic dog on the right!

Suzie's Art

Suzie used food as her inspiration and came up with these beauties. I love the way the one on the left captures her sense of cute and street at the same time!

Jamie's Packing Tape Art

And I think I must have been inspired by my recent visit to the Emily Carr exhibit! She and I share a love of trees.

Art Day Sisters

The upcoming Full Strawberry Moon is all about delight. Clearly we’re feeling her influence already!

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