ANNOUNCEMENT: This November, Give a Girl a Journal and The Joy Collective are collaborating to bring journals to girls in Uganda. From November 1 to November 30, 2016, all sponsored journals will go to girls in The Joy Collective Community. Find out more about these girls.

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My name is Jamie Ridler and I’m a creative living coach who has helped thousands of people find the courage and confidence to bring their creativity to life.

Over the years I have learned that there is one creative tool that people turn to again and again, one that serves as a simple and stalwart companion through the ups and downs of life, a portable studio in which to express and discover your self, your dreams and your voice: the journal.

I first started journaling when I was 12 years old. My family moved from Montreal to Toronto and as a sensitive soul at a tender age, I felt lost and all alone. I found solace in my journal.

Years later I can look at those worn pages, all that heartbroken poetry, and I am right back there with my young self, ready to wrap my arms around her shoulders and cheer her on. Having a journal gave me a safe place to pour out the truth that was in my heart, free of guilt or judgment. In a world that was so out of my control, it was a place I could call my own.

I am still a journal keeper. I journal to gather my memories, to work through ideas and emotions, to plan and dream and wonder. I write in my journal and I doodle in it. I glue movie tickets and inspiration photos in it. And yes, on occasion, I still write poetry.

My journal is really like a studio, an open space in which I can experiment, question, express, discover and dream.

The ‘Give a Girl a Journal’ movement is about giving all girls a chance to be who they are, to be creative and to express themselves, all in their very own journal.


Imagine if every girl to had access to the life-changing possibilities of journaling!

Journaling is such a simple thing. All you need is something to write with and something to write on and suddenly there is room for you.

Whatever girls are experiencing, whatever it is they are thinking, feeling, wondering, imagining, whether they are happy, sad, hopeful, angry, worried or excited, whatever it is, whomever they are, there is room for it all in their journal.

If they want to doodle and draw, divine!

If they want to make lists, lovely!

If they want to pour their heart into poetry, perfect!

One of our mottos here at Give a Girl a Journal is “There’s no way to get it wrong!”

With a journal, every girl has the opportunity to discover her own way of expressing herself. She has the chance to hear her own voice, to have an open and honest conversation with her own heart. In her journal, a girl can discover who she is.

The ‘Give a Girl a Journal’ movement is about giving all girls a chance to be who they are, to be creative and to express themselves, all in their very own journal. You can help.

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Join the Give a Girl a Journal Movement and Empower a Girl!


Give a Girl a Journal wingsIf you would like to be part of the Give A Girl A Journal movement, there are two ways to get involved. You can participate in one or the other, or both!  You can nominate a girl to receive a journal. Or, you can sponsor a journal.

nominate-button-give-a-girl-a-journalNominate a girl, anywhere in the world. She might be the girl who lives next door or a friend’s daughter who lives half way ‘round the world. She might be the friend of your own daughter or a girl at a club you volunteer for. If you know of or lead a whole group of girls, you can nominate them all! Nominating a girl or girls is absolutely free.

All we need is her name, address and approximate age, and the magic begins!

As each girl is nominated, she is added to the list of expectant journalers, like a seed ready to come to life as soon as the sun shines. The moment a generous soul sponsors a journal, the journal fairies wrap up a journal, a pen and the simple Give a Girl a Journal Guide to Journaling – everything a girl needs to get started journaling – and send it off to the next girl on the list.

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sponsor-button-give-a-girl-a-journalYour gift puts a journal in the hands of a girl somewhere in the world. The moment we receive your sponsorship, we get a journal ready for the next girl on our list of nominees and put it in the mail. She might be in your community, but chances are she’ll be in another part of the country, or another country all together! Part of our mission here at ‘Give A Girl a Journal‘ is to send the message that there are people in the world who we don’t even know, who care about us, and wish the best for us. We want to model generosity, creativity, and support for girls everywhere!

Your gift activates our band of journal fairies who kick into high gear putting together the magic journal gift for the next nominated girl on our list. With love and care, they’ll wrap up a journal, a pen and the simple Give a Girl a Journal Guide to Journaling – everything a girl needs to get started! Soon her magical, snail mail surprise will arrive and her journaling adventure will begin.

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*Please note that the Give a Girl a Journal is a do-good initiative, not a charity, therefore your $20 gift is not tax deductible. We are dedicating ourselves to this project to be a positive force for good in the lives of girls everywhere. We hope you’ll join us!


Give a Girl a Journal…
Change Her World

Photo Credit: Sweetheart Empire


I was honoured to introduce a group of 10 to 12-year-old girls to journaling at GDay Toronto.
In this video one of those girls and her mom share what journaling means to them.
Thank you, Amy & Mattea!


Give a Girl a Journal Magic Makers


  The Team

  • Jamie Ridler, founder & director
  • Kim LeClair, strategic and tech advisor
  • Danette Relic, visual artist
  • Juli Lyons, word smith
  • Ginny Lennox, advisor

  Early Supporters

  • Kim and Amy Sedgwick of The Red Tent Sisters
  • Tanya Geisler and her daughter, Lauren
  • Christine Pensa of Art that Moves
  • GDay Toronto & photographer Sweetheart Empire
  • The Jamie Ridler Studios community

Give a Girl a Journal is a Do-Good Initiative from


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