1. nmgracegal says:

    I signed up for Christine’s class a few weeks ago. It was a step of faith for me and a way to be more purposeful about my book. I too have had this book stirring on the inside of me for a long time. I look forward to how this plays out.

  2. Ohhhhh, I wish you so much joy and progress in Christine’s Conscious Booksmith course! I went through it last year and loved it and the community that came together on Facebook. I still have all my notes and worksheets in a Circa notebook, though I have stepped back a bit to evaluate whether my topic was “right.” Enjoy. I am so excited that you are writing a book.

  3. Pamela says:

    I was a book fairy for Christine with her Ordinary Sparkling Moments book! Love her work!
    I look forward to listening to your interview and also to holding your book in my hands some day and eagerly reading it. You are a gifted writer. Go for it!

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