What Does Artistic Devotion Look Like?

On Tuesdays I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:   As we continue to explore this path of Artistic Devotion, let’s get specific about these terms. What does devotion mean to you?

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  1. cynthialee27 says:

    love this. I began this year with the guiding word untangle as I began to untangle myself from expectations, outward expectations, performative expectations. My birthday is at the beginning of June and I let go of untangle and picked up slow devotion as my guiding phrase for my 56 year. A slow devotion to myself, to my healing, to my creativity.

  2. Susan Richmond says:

    I took you suggestion Jamie, and journaled about devotion— artistic devotion and also asking the question of “to what and whom am I devoted.”
    It gave me clarity and also a wake-up call. Seems I have been letting so many global and unsolvable worries (including a son-in-law recently recovering from Covid) keep me from paying attention to and acting in what I say I am devoted to . Thank you for the questions and inspiration, Jamie

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