Welcome to Jamie Ridler Studios



I am so glad you are here. I know we’ve just met but I’m pretty sure about one thing:

You’re here because there’s creative magic in you.

How do I know?

Because inevitably, that’s who shows up here at the studio, that’s who opens the door.

So the great news,
creative heart,
is you are in the right place.

I can’t wait to show you around!


Oh, but first I should introduce myself.

I’m Jamie, the creative director here at Jamie Ridler Studios and, just like you,
I’ve been through the ups and downs of being creative.

I know what it’s like to wither away in a wrong-fit day job
I know what it’s like to stand on a stage and sing.

I’ve known the joy of creating work I believe in
I know what it’s like to get bad reviews.

I’ve known the delight of creative community
I’ve also known the heartbreak of rejection, the pain of failure
and the agonizing presence of fear.

There have been times when my life and my creative heart have beat as one and
there have been times when they couldn’t have been further apart.

This constant dance of closeness and separation has taught me one unassailable truth:

When my life and my creativity are in alignment,
I am happy, strong and free.

I bet that’s true for you too.

What that creative alignment looks like for each of us is different and that is both beautiful and challenging. It is a celebration of our unique artistic spirit but it also means we often feel alone.

So whether you are a new, recovering, aspiring or established creative, I have created this studio for you.

I hope that here, in the studio, you will find a sense of belonging, that everywhere you turn there will be something to inspire, support and challenge you, that here you will discover the uniqueness of your creative heart, learn to trust the artist inside of you and embark on the adventure of your creative life.

If that speaks to you, let me show you around.

Whether you love to watch, listen or read, Jamie Ridler Studios has something for you! From tips to tutorials, from stories to strategies, here there is much to fill your creative well!

Creative Living TV (CLTV)

Creative Living TV Welcome 2016 square

On CLTV you’ll find a great range of creative programming, from the popular Creative Living Bookshelf series, which introduces you to inspiring and helpful books, to the Behind the Scenes morning show that helps kick-start your day with some creative spark!

Creative Living with Jamie

On the Creative Living with Jamie podcast, you’ll find stories, tips and strategies for bringing your creativity to life. I love interviewing creatives from a wide range of disciplines and at various stages of their development, from aspiring authors to creative rock stars like Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg.

The Reading Nook


Sometimes you just need to sit in the quiet with your cup of tea and read – read to get inspiration, read to gain knowledge, read to discover. Whenever you want to tuck into a virtual creative library, the reading nook is for you.

Bowl of Star

If your creative heart is hungry for it all, the blog is the place to go. You’ll get everything – shows to watch, podcasts to listen to and articles to read. Plus, you never know what additional tidbits of delight will show up in the creative stream!

Join in!

All of this is here for you. You can drop-in any time and explore to your heart’s content. You can also become a part of the magic by joining The Studio and taking classes at The Academy.

There is Magic Here


Join the Studio

If you’re feeling inspired by and connected to all of this,  I invite you to open the door and join the studio.  You’ll step into a whole new experience and a deeper level of creative connection.  You’ll learn more about what it means to live your life as a studio and you’ll have access to content that will help you to do just that. I’ll also write to you every week, sharing helpful creative ideas and making sure you are in the know, including how to get the best deals on activities and classes.  And it’s absolutely free.

Become a Member of the Studio


Take a Class at the Academy

Every season we offer creative coaching, classes and clubs. Wherever you are in the world, whether you prefer to work at your own pace and in your own time, to participate live and in community or with one-on-on guidance, there is something for you in the Academy.

Check it out and you may just find yourself creating dreamboards under the full moon or joining a friendly group of journalers on a Friday afternoon. You may learn how to deepen your creative practice or how to dance with fire. You may discover your personal symbols or dive for pearls of wisdom for your creative business.

Every season brings new delights so be sure to visit the Academy and see what is there for you.

I’m so glad you came by and joined me for the tour. I hope this is the first of many creative adventures we will go on together.

Whether you are inspired, tender, excited, raw, jaded, dreamy, devoted or full of doubt, the studio is here for you. The more you show up, the more it will too.

You, creative heart, are right where you belong.

Jamie Ridler 2016

Right Where You Belong

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