My First Wander

Last year I wanted to set myself the goal of getting outside each day, no matter what. I even bought a pair of snow pants so that I could keep up with it even on the coldest days. This never really moved from idea to project but the idea never left me.

Recently I listened to my first audio book, Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness and I loved it. (I mean loved it.) It occurred to me that as a book lover who never has time to read and a work-from-home entrepreneur that doesn’t get out enough, that these were the ingredients of a magical pairing!

What if I went out on daily walks and listened to books?

I thought I would try it out. I checked with my sister Shannon, expert in all things entertainment related, and asked about borrowing audio books from the library. She pointed me to the Overdrive app and I was on my way. As I went down the glorious rabbit hole of library audio books, I stumbled across one by Keri Smith. I love Keri so I decided that would be my first book for my first walk. You’re not going to believe what it was called…

The Wander Society

I didn’t even draw a correlation until I was out walking this morning, listening to Keri talking about “wandering”. As I listened, first my eyes tingled with tears and then they shone with recognition. I have unknowingly been a part of this society since I was a girl on a bike riding to the far reaches of her neighbourhood trying to get lost so she could find her way home.

There will be more to say about this book and its impact but for today, suffice it to say that the synchronicity suggests that the Universe likes my plan to go for walks and listen to myself and the writers, thinkers, artists, healers and poets who will accompany me.





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